USTTI March 31st Program Update

As we adjust to the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the USTTI is expanding our outreach to additional platforms to ensure we continue to share information and best practices. Currently, we are compiling information from USTTI’s subject matter experts from government, industry and academia about how they are addressing our ability to connect and stay connected to the network during this unprecedented time. In the coming weeks we will share information on the regulatory steps being taken in the United States to ensure services are maintained, the best practices for telehealth and how mobile network operators are addressing the increased traffic. During this time that USTTI training is interrupted, we will continue to work with our trainers to update, obtain and share information that could be crucial for you and your colleagues as we all address this ongoing pandemic.

In addition to sharing this information on we have also launched a Linkedin page  which will enable you to comment and ask questions to the broader USTTI family. We invite you to follow the USTTI on Linkedin and join the discussion as we share information.

We know that we will emerge from this crisis, but until we do, we want to reassure you that we will be here to assist in any way we can as you oversee the communications networks in your country. Please also use this time to connect with your fellow scholars to seek and share the procedures and steps that are being taken during this pandemic. From all of us at the USTTI we hope you are safe, healthy and are washing your hands!