Telehealth Resources

As we continue to tackle the challenges caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic it has become increasingly important to understand and utilize telehealth.

Telehealth is defined as “the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology.” In a time where we must practice social distancing, this practice has become critical.

With the help of USTTI Course sponsor the University of Virginia (UVA) Health System, Office of Telemedicine; we would like to provide you with the following resources.

UVA Telemedicine: Telehealth Services (

Here you will find information on what Telehealth services UVA provides and how they provide them.

This site includes why a patient would choose a telemedicine appointment and services that are offered for those with diabetes, prediabetes and heart disease. Additionally, for healthcare providers, is a list of resources that are provided via telehealth video-conferencing: Case conferences, education, staff support, etc.

Here you will also find a video on using telemedicine for patient care. Please spend some time browsing the website for further resources.

Mid Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (

Published on March 24th, 2020 and updated on April 3rd, 2020, this is a jam-packed resource center from the Mid Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC) that is specifically targeting telehealth responses and guidelines for the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

There are instructions for starting a telehealth program, tookilts for where to start and policy issues for COVID-19, HIPPA compliance and much more. This site also includes instructional videos.

While these are two resources that are recommended to the USTTI, there are a number of other resources available on the internet. Below are some resources found on the World health Organization Website:

Telehealth in the Developing World by Richard Wooton, Richard Wootton, Nivritti G. Patil, Richard E. Scott, and Kendall Ho

How can telehealth help in the provision of integrated healthcare?  By Karl A. Stroetmann, Lutz Kubitschke Simon Robinson, Veli Stroetmann Kevin Cullen, David McDaid

Please use these resources and refer to guidance by the WHO and your home countries as we all look to remain safe and take care of each other.