USTTI Announces Online Training

Over the past three months as the world around us has changed, the demand for USTTI training has remained. At the USTTI, with the help of our Board Members and training sponsors, we have been working to develop webinars and online training programs to meet the standards of USTTI training while addressing the needs of our scholars.

In that spirit, the USTTI is excited to announce that we have partnered with Packet Clearing House and AFRINIC to deliver a webinar on “Internet Infrastructure Support in Times of Crisis.” This program, developed for policymakers, regulators and network managers will take place on June 25, 2020 at 12:30 PM in Universal Time (UTC) and will address: an overview of the Internet routing topology and points of criticality; an overview of DNS topology and points of criticality; a summary of OECD findings on the effect of the pandemic on Internet infrastructure; a summary of OECD and expert recommendations for governmental cooperation with the private sector on Internet infrastructure support.

The session will be led by Bill Woodcock, Executive Director of Packet Clearing House, a non-profit research institute dedicated to understanding and supporting Internet traffic exchange technology, policy, and economics. Bill has operated national and international Internet service provision and content delivery networks since 1989, was one of the co-developers of Anycast, a technology now considered best-practice in DNS service-provision, and has built most of the global Domain Name System service provision networks currently in operation.

To register, for the June 25th Internet Infrastructure Support in Times of Crisis Training click here:

In the coming weeks the USTTI will announce a schedule of webinars that will take place during the remaining months of 2020. While the USTTI has traditionally been an in-person training program since its launch in 1982, having trained over 10,000 scholars, we cannot understate our excitement to take this step with you online and continue our push to help empower the women and men who are continuing to have a meaningful impact around the world. Please continue to check, our LinkedIn page and your email for updates. We look forward to seeing on June 25th and during all of our webinars as we continue to share information from ICT subject matter experts!


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