USTTI Auctions Training

On April 13 and April 15, the USTTI will conduct webinars addressing Spectrum Auctions and the Use of Auctions for Funding Broadband Deployment. Led by subject matter experts from the Federal Communications Commission, the training sessions will cover how the Commission plans, designs, and conducts its auctions and various auction formats while also addressing how the FCC uses auctions to help bridge the digital divide.

Like USTTI’s traditional in-person training, USTTI’s webinars are designed for ICT (Information Communication Technology) officials; entrepreneurs; wireless, satellite, telehealth, and emergency communications professionals who are employed in the public or private sector of a developing country. While substantial practical experience in a developing country’s communications infrastructure is required for all in-person training, registration in USTTI Webinars is open to all developing-country officials. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We look forward to your participation and we encourage you to share the registration information for this important topic with your colleagues.

The Federal Communications Commission’s Auction Program & Spectrum Auctions
April 13, 2021

This Webinar, presented by the FCC’s Auctions Division, will cover the FCC’s use of competitive bidding as a means of assigning spectrum licenses in a fair and transparent process. The topics covered will include the various issues that the Commission addresses in planning and implementing spectrum auctions that seek to promote efficient and intensive spectrum use, deployment of new and innovative technologies and services, and dissemination of licenses among a wide variety of applicants. The presentation will cover how the Commission plans, designs, and conducts its auctions and various auction formats.

Funding Broadband Deployment using Auctions
April 15, 2021

Bridging the digital divide – particularly in rural areas where broadband is insufficiently deployed – is the Commission’s top priority. The FCC has committed to using reverse auctions to efficiently distribute Universal Service Fund support for fixed and mobile broadband networks in unserved parts of America. The Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force coordinates the implementation of these auctions across the Commission, including assembling multi-bureau staffing, directing communications and outreach efforts, and managing timelines for the many aspects of preparation that lead up to and flow out of a USF auction. This webinar will dive into the details of the Connect America Fund Phase II auction (Auction 903), which distributed $1.5 billion in support, and the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction (Auction 904), which awarded over $9 billion in support.