USTTI Announces 5G Webinar Series

USTTI Announces 5G Webinar Series

What is 5G? What are the 5G use cases, applications and standards? What steps have been taken in the United States to facilitate the deployment of 5G? What are the challenges faced by spectrum managers in a 5G world? What frequencies are impacted by the 5G standard? What impact will 5G have globally? What specific actions can regulators and the wireless industry take to ensure that we all reap the benefits of 5G in the near future? What role do satellites play in the 5G ecosystem?

As part of the USTTI’s ongoing efforts to maintain training we will conduct a series of webinars that attempt to answer these and other questions about 5G. Led by subject matter experts from Intel Corporation, The Federal Communications Commission, Ericsson, TCI and Inmarsat, the five webinars will be conducted on Monday August 3rd, Tuesday August 4th, Tuesday August 11th, Wednesday August 12th, and Thursday August 13th. The sessions will begin at 10:00 AM EDT and they will be two hours in length.

To register for these sessions please complete this form If you have any questions please email USTTI Curriculum Coordinator Jamal Anderson ( The USTTI will follow-up with the course links in the coming days.

Monday August 3 with Intel
Led by representatives from Intel, the session will provide information on the communication technologies and policies driving next generation connectivity for billions worldwide. This webinar will present an overview of 5G, its various usage scenarios, diverse applications, and the latest standards and technologies underpinning the future’s mobile communication networks.

Tuesday August 4 with the Federal Communications Commission
This session will discuss the actions the FCC has taken, the challenges they have faced and the vertical use cases they have cited in explaining the benefits of 5G. The training will feature presentations by Tom Sullivan, Chief, International Bureau; Ron Repasi, Acting Chief Engineer, Office of Engineering and Technology and Joel Taubenblatt, Deputy Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

Tuesday August 11 with Ericsson
“The Impact of 5G on You, Your Country, and the World.”
Ericsson will provide a global look at the use cases and performance attributes that define 5G. The presentation will look at specific actions that regulators and the wireless industry can take in 2020 to ensure that you will reap the benefits in the (very near) future. We’ll also look at spectrum requirements and the different business models we expect to see in a 5G world.

Wednesday August 12 with TCI
Led by TCI, this seminar will focus on the modern-day challenges in spectrum management & monitoring and will cover trends and practical solutions for current and future 5G spectrum environments.

Thursday August 13 with Inmarsat
Taught by Inmarsat, this session will address the essential role of satellite technologies in the development and deployment of next generation communications systems. The session will discuss how satellite communications will be an integral part of the systems that will create the 5G user experience.