Upcoming USTTI Regulatory Principles Webinar

The USTTI would like to announce our next online webinar. On Wednesday November 10th at 9am EST, the USTTI will host “Regulatory Principles,” once again instructed by Andy Haire (Bio Below). We welcome you and your colleagues to join the USTTI and Andy Haire for this very informative session. Details are below:


Communications sector – as broadly defined in economic terms is anything that connects – is fast becoming the most consequential economic sector in every economy, region, continent, not just in its direct impact on respective GDPs, but the indirect impact and consequence it has on society.

The existence of a fair arbitrator – sometimes called a Regulatory Authority – has become ever more essential in the influence and impact on our lives rise.

This session will examine two sides of this responsibility: what are the principles of an organization with such a role, and how should they be used?  The session will cover competition theory, but also the touch on the fundamentals of a telecoms regulator, keeping the sector vibrant.

The session’s agenda follows examining key topics to be discussed but is designed to be interactive – with a hope that specific concerns of participants can also work its way into the session’s conversation, time permitting. [We would be pleased to accept specific topical suggestions or even specific questions prior to the start of the session.]

The course, originated by the USTTI in 2012 with good response in years since, has been moderated and taught by a former regulator, Andrew Haire – who was responsible for developing an innovative marketplace framework, and then responsible for managing it. The framework addressed competition, policy, technical and operational elements of the sector for a newly created Authority in Asia.


  1. Regulatory principles – running and working within the organization.
    • How do we know what matters – what is our raison d’être
    • Various Roles of Telecoms Regulator, and how are they measured
    • Models for governance of that organization
    • The tools of a regulator; and how are results delivered?
  2. Uses of that responsibility – a high level conversation on what happens to that organization.
    • Market economics; covering competition, liberalization, broadband and spectrum policies.
    • Industry related dynamics: addressing interconnection
    • Societal concerns: Privacy – data protection; national security; internet governance.

When: Wednesday November 10th
Time: 9am EST U.S.
Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yMqfeFQXSP2eDJQ10YF-xA

Andy Haire Bio:

Andrew Haire with almost 4 decades of experience spanning four continents has been associated with some of the industry’s most successful telecom initiatives. He advises both governments and communication providers and is an expert in industry policy, market growth, strategy, technical opportunity, and economic structure. His portfolio included architecting major policy frameworks in the telecoms, technology, and postal sectors, as well as serving as regulator and ICT policy for 10 years at Singapore’s iDA (now IMDA), soon after its inception in the year 2000.

He has served on the Board of the International Institute of Communications in London (presently a Trustee). He presently teaches policy along with regulatory fundamentals to students globally. Mr Haire holds a degree in engineering in the United States, attended the advanced management program from Harvard University. He has delivered papers / speeches on policy and regulatory frameworks in Asia, Europe and North America.