Cybersecurity Leadership Program

The USTTI will host Cybersecurity Training in Durham, North Carolina and Washington, DC from May 20 to 24. Apply here.

The Cybersecurity Leadership Training at Duke University will offer USTTI Scholars the chance to learn from professors and experts in computer science, engineering, public policy and law. In this course, participants engage with top academics, industry experts, and government leaders in order to understand how best to work with the private sector to mitigate the risk of cybersecurity attacks. The Cybersecurity Leadership Program has a core curriculum with sessions that include Cybersecurity and the Board, Challenges for the CISO, Preparing for and Responding to a Data Breach, Elements of a Cyber Program, Impacts from Incidents and others. Participants will also have the chance to participate in a tabletop breach exercise and to choose from breakout tracks in healthcare, national security, government oversight, and law. For more information on the Duke University Training program please visit:

Following the training at Duke University scholars will travel to Washington, DC for sessions led by USTTI Board Members. Officials with a background in Cybersecurity, Developing National Cyber Strategies, and Internet Policy Making are encouraged to apply here.