Announcement for FCC Spectrum Management Training

FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) Webinar Course: Spectrum Management in the Civil Sector

The USTTI is pleased to announce an abridged version of the FCC’s annual bedrock course, Spectrum Management in the Civil Sector, which will address important spectrum management issues. Since the advent of the Covid pandemic, FCC’s contributions to USTTI training have been in the form of individual webinars on a wide variety of topics. In response to many requests from our developing world colleagues for much-needed spectrum management topic updates, this course, open to developing world telecom colleagues, will respond to those needs by providing updated spectrum management topics of most interest, in webinar form. Since portions of the FCC in-person spectrum management training cannot be delivered virtually, this course will serve as an interim means until FCC in-person training can safely resume.

In order to conserve time for both registrants and FCC/USTTI Instructors, sessions will be held
on Tuesdays and Thursdays (with the exception of Tuesday, July 5), beginning on Tuesday, May 17, for 90 minutes, at 10 AM, Eastern Daylight Time. At the conclusion of each webinar, the topic of the next presentation will be related.

Register here for the program on May 17:

Course Description:

The first session on Tuesday, May 17, will open with a special conversation by the renowned FCC Acting Chief Engineer, Ronald Repasi (Acting Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology), speaking on the “Importance of Spectrum Management”, which will set the stage for all sessions that follow. Mr. Repasi will then deliver his key presentation on Allocation Considerations and Methodologies.

Following in the weeks ahead will be coverage of topics on: The U.S. Bifurcated System for Management of the Spectrum; Understanding of the FCC Agency Organization and Statutory Framework; Technical Standards; Making Law and Technology Meet; Public Safety Issues; Propagation; Spectrum Auctions; Funding Broadband Deployment Using Auctions; Satellite Issues: Basics, Coordination, Space and Earth Station Licensing; Media Issues – General and Audio and Television; Wireless Spectrum – Approaches to Licensing; FCC in the International Arena; Enforcement Planning.

*Special Presentation: By Comsearch, FCC’s Co-sponsor of 25 years, for Spectrum

Following the FCC Spectrum Management Webinar Course, the USTTI will proudly present two additional Federal Communications Commission Course Offerings, which will be advertised separately in July.