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Verisign ESMT Partnership
May 6, 2012

The USTTI and Verisign have entered into a partnership with Ecole Multinationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ESMT), a telecommunications and ICT university in Dakar, Senegal to provide funding for approximately 200 individuals from ESMT to enroll in USTTI's web-based Cybersecurity course. Additionally, Verisign has agreed to provide travel and subsistence funding for eight individuals from ESMT to attend the USTTI's US-based Cybersecurity sequences during 2012. Through this partnership, USTTI and Verisign look forward to working with star students and faculty members identified by ESMT's Director General. The goal of this partnership is to equip these hand-selected scholars from Senegal and West Africa with the knowledge to create and implement effective cybersecurity strategies.


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