Practical Applications of Spectrum Monitoring and Management

Course Description

Practical Applications of Spectrum Monitoring and Management
September 9 – 13 
Fremont, California

Course description
The course focuses on ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring and management techniques and the modern-day challenges associated with both. The course employs classroom and hands-on activities to provide students with an overview of spectrum management and a practical review of monitoring techniques and their interaction. Classroom time is used to instruct in the system components, operational principles of a monitoring station (fixed, mobile, transportable, and portable), principles of signal measurements, radio direction finding, and signal identification and recording. The hands-on portion of the course will demonstrate real-time application of the principles taught in the classroom, including mission planning, operational set-up, running missions, and data analysis and management.

TCI’s longstanding commitment to spectrum monitoring includes advancing the state of technology and enhancing the user’s expertise. This year’s seminar offers an unusual opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and technical insights from an exceptionally accomplished team of spectrum professionals.

Learning Objectives
To learn practical implementation of spectrum management, spectrum monitoring, radio direction finding, and signal measurement techniques as they relate to the international standards of the ITU and today’s signal environment.

This includes:

  • radio direction finding,
  • TDOA and Hybrid Geolocation signal monitoring, identification, and correlation to the frequency management database
  • spectrum occupancy observations and analysis as part of the frequency management function
  • transmitter measurements as required to ensure compliance to the radio regulations
  • monitoring of 5G and wireless technology
  • management and monitoring trends, big data management and AI techniques for signal recognition and classification
  • interference detection

Managerial and high-level technical, with emphasis on hands-on demonstrations.

Learning Objective


TCI International, Inc. (an SPX Company)


Fremont, California

Training Dates

September 9 – 13