Open RAN Training Sequence

Course Description

This week-long training will provide a technical explanation of Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) and the way they are accelerating innovation. 

Learning Objective

The training will highlight how open, interoperable, standards-based, and virtualized radio access networks offer an alternative to traditional cellular network architecture while enabling diversity in suppliers, better network security, and lower costs. The courses will also highlight the role Open RAN can play in promoting operator choice, vendor competition, and more investment in innovation. Detailed exploration of an Open Ran Policy Roadmap will be undertaken along with an examination of case studies showing real-world examples of what policy steps the United States and governments around the world are taking to make the use of Open Ran a reality.


NTIA and USTTI Board Member Companies


Washington, DC and Dallas, TX

Training Dates

April 12 – 19, 2023