Cybersecurity Policies and Strategies

Course Description

The strategy-level instruction will consider questions of policy and implementation related to cybersecurity. Courses will explore several key attributes of national strategies for cybersecurity and use examples from national strategies around the world and from key multinational organizations like the ITU, to illustrate both how policies can strengthen a nation’s cybersecurity, as well as the ways they can hinder other goals if they are not carefully constructed. The focus of the course will be on identifying national strategies that balance security objectives with key economic considerations to provide clear, actionable guidance.

The training will also explore the latest trends in cybersecurity, trustworthiness, and privacy policy as they interact with novel innovative technologies. The sequence will also describe the emerging trends in data innovation and cybersecurity that are driving and securing next-generation connectivity globally. The courses will also provide information on cybersecurity and privacy best practices including exploring how the threat landscape evolves, collaborative frameworks fostering security, security innovations, and regulatory developments in privacy and security. Discussion will cover the latest emerging technologies and standards underpinning this landscape and how they interact with policy and regulation. Additionally, the course will introduce best practices for promoting cyber hygiene and usability, the development of best practices relating to supply chain and other third-party risks, and the work that takes place between government regulators and law enforcement agencies.

Learning Objective


Duke University and USTTI Board Member Organizations


Washington, DC, and Durham, NC

Training Dates

May 17 to 26, 2023