AI, 5G and Emerging Technologies

Course Description

AI, 5G and Emerging Technologies Training
October 29 to November 8
Washington, DC; Plano, TX, and Santa Clara, CA

Course description
Artificial Intelligence (AI), its use cases, and its ability to accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals are prompting government officials to examine the effectiveness of the regulatory structures, practices, and procedures that will govern this technology. There is a clear need to adopt appropriate policies and best practices to allow countries and their governments to facilitate an ecosystem that spurs maximum use of AI while providing significant opportunities to establish fair, transparent, and market-oriented practices. Unfortunately, regulations that limit competition and restrict AI discourage investment and the chance for AI to transform a society and nation. As such, government officials, policymakers, and leaders worldwide must have a comprehensive understanding of the policies, best practices, and regulatory environments that promote the adoption and use of AI.

The training will provide an overview of artificial intelligence (AI), hardware to software capabilities, and real-world applications across multiple usage scenarios. It covers the emerging policy and regulatory activities guiding the future of AI development and deployment as they interact with concepts of privacy, trustworthiness, and cybersecurity. The course also considers the elements of an integrated policy framework for realizing the potential of AI.

This training sequence will also cover 5G, the Internet of Things, standards-based Long-Term Evolution (LTE), High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA), and Wi-Fi, along with ways to facilitate mobile broadband deployment and adoption to enable connected societies Participants will experiment with practical applications of AI, 5G, and IoT while studying the policies that foster the accelerated deployment of these services.

Regulators with a technical/engineering background

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Washington, DC; Plano, TX, and Santa Clara, CA

Training Dates

October 29 - November 8