5G, Mobile Broadband and Wireless Technologies Training Sequence I

Course Description

This course will cover the latest developments in the different aspects of the mobile broadband ecosystem and how wireless can address this capacity increase. It will cover a high-level overview of 3GPP-based technologies (HSPA+/advanced, LTE/advanced, and OFDM-based 5G platform), 3G/4G industry forecasts, 6G Overview, Internet of Everything, frequency bands, spectrum licensing innovations, Virtualization, ORAN, and Private Networks. The course is also intended to offer information and tools applicable to national broadband plans, including how the mobile broadband platform is playing an increasingly important role in other sectors healthcare, education, energy, automotive, and smart city initiatives.

Learning Objective


Intel Corporation and QUALCOMM Corporation


Santa Clara, CA and San Diego, CA

Training Dates

Intel – February 8 to 10, Santa Clara, CA Qualcomm – February 13 to 15, San Diego, CA


5G and Emerging Technologies