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February Update
January 26, 2011

2011 Chairman's Report

2010 was a challenging but very rewarding year for the USTTI. Despite the difficult financial environment, the USTTI's Corporate Board Members remained steadfast in their support of the USTTI's tuition-free ICT curriculum - a diverse 85-course curriculum that attracted 11,079 applications. Likewise, the Federal members of the USTTI Board of Directors have never been more committed to advancing the USTTI's bedrock goal of making modern communications a reality for all the citizens of the developing world.

In 2010, the USTTI graduated 345 women and men bringing USTTI's total since 1982 to 8,328 graduates from 168 developing countries. While these numbers are impressive, they do not capture the positive catalytic impact that USTTI graduates are making everywhere throughout the developing world. This is because USTTI graduates don't simply gain invaluable ICT information while attending our tuition-free training in the United States, they aggressively share their new knowledge and insights gained at the USTTI with their colleagues when they return home. Thus, the USTTI's goal of training the trainers has a powerful multiplier impact as USTTI graduates empower other ICT officials and entrepreneurs in 168 developing countries.

From Freetown to San Paulo, from Manila to Vilnius, a vast network of energetic and informed USTTI graduates are shaping enlightened, pro-competitive, anti-corruption ICT policies and regulations that directly benefit their fellow citizens.

In 2011, the USTTI Board of Directors and the hundreds of ICT experts from industry and government who voluntarily conduct the USTTI's 85 courses remain committed to the robust sharing of knowledge - knowledge that will continue to empower ICT professionals who are helping their countrymen gain life-altering access to affordable, modern communications.

USTTI Welcomes Research in Motion (RIM) to Board of Directors
USTTI is pleased to welcome Research in Motion (RIM) and Mr. Praveen Goyal, Senior Director of Corporate and Government Relations, to the USTTI Board of Directors. RIM is the designer and manufacturer of the award-winning BlackBerry smartphone, used by millions of people around the world. The company also creates software for businesses and the operating system that allows the BlackBerry smartphone to provide mobile access to email, IM, apps, media files, the Internet and more. USTTI is delighted to begin our partnership with RIM as we enter our 29th year of tuition-free training.

2011 Curriculum of 85 Courses Available Online
The curriculum for USTTI’s 29th year of global training outreach is available online at http://ustti.org/courses/, and applications continue pouring in. This year’s curriculum features 85 diverse training courses designed to address the sweeping changes that have taken place in the global communications arena, featuring new and expanded training in cybersecurity and wireless broadband technology. USTTI encourages all interested officials and ICT entrepreneurs to submit an application as soon as possible to ensure adequate time for the procurement of an entry visa and funding (a process that can take more than four months in many countries). Review this year’s curriculum and apply today!

USTTI Alumni Success Stories
Below, you will find a sampling of USTTI alumni success stories from 2010. We welcome reports from you on how you are using the knowledge you gained from the USTTI, whether it has resulted in a job promotion or a new project or initiative. The USTTI will post these alumni success stories on the website throughout the year. To submit alumni success stories, please email USTTI Curriculum Coordinator Mike Beirne (mbeirne@ustti.org) and include the phrase "USTTI Alumni Success Story" in the email subject heading.

* Tomas Chavez, Paraguay - Telemedicine Training, 2010

"The experiance of the course is helping us create a viable roadmap 2010/11 of new services that will benefit the citizens, mobile phone operators and the government. We have assembled a task force in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Health, service companies and mobile phone operators to take forward the roadmap of new community services for rural and urban areas. The first services to be implemented / tested:

1. Maternal Health: The program sends vital health information to pregnant women via text message and encourages them to seek care at local clinics. The system also sends tips for newborn care once children are born. A new upgrade keeps a patient record on the mother so any provider she wants can access her medical history.

2. E-Health monitor: The government/operators will provide free cell phones to rural health workers to register and monitor expecting mothers. From first to final trimester, if questions or complications arise, health workers can send a text message to a health expert and receive a response within minutes. Health workers also send monthly status reports that allow doctors to spot problems or early warning signs. The idea is to have zero reports of maternal death."

* Chris Mulola, Rwanda - Internet Technology Sequence, 2008

On October 29, 2010, The Internet Society officially recognized a new ISOC chapter in Rwanda, founded by Chris Mulola and Marie Paule Uwase. ISOC chapters play a vital role in monitoring local trends and developments in internet technology, and they allow local communities to have their interests heard in a more global forum. The USTTI extends a warm congratulations to Chris and his team for this positive and exciting development.

USTTI Wants You to Make Sure Your Passports Are Up-to-Date
USTTI staff would like to remind applicants to make sure their passports are up-do-date when they apply for training. It is very important to make sure that your passport will be valid for at least six (6) months after your prospective training concludes. Many US Embassies will not issue US entry visas to persons whose passports will not be valid for six months after their training concludes. For more information regarding US entry visa policies, please visit the website for the US Embassy in your country, which can be accessed through the website for the US State Department.


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