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July Update
July 1, 2010

USTTI-ITU Partnership for Haiti
In preparation of the ITU roundtable discussion in Barbados to discuss the reconstruction of Haiti's telecommunications sector, USTTI Chairman, Ambassador Michael R. Gardner and ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure agreed to a partnership in which ITU staff in the Caribbean would identify and nominate appropriate Haitian women and men for priority consideration in USTTI's tuition-free training. Following the horrific devastation the Haitian people experienced as a result of last January's earthquake, the USTTI and ITU are continuing to work together to advance the goal of creating a world class 21st century ICT infrastructure for the Haitian people.

2010 Curriculum Update
Due to an unavoidable delay in receiving our annual funding from USAID, many of USTTI's first trimester courses had to be postponed until later in the 2010 training year. However, despite this impasse, our 28th year of tuition-free training has started very strong. Already the USTTI has graduated 101 Ministers, regulators, spectrum managers and ICT engineers from 46 developing countries. Remarkably, we have achieved this success while only conducting four of our training sequences. USTTI staff and our training sponsors are now working aggressively to accept applicants and fill our rescheduled first trimester courses as well as the second and third trimester courses. We still have training slots available and we encourage all qualified individuals who plan, regulate and/or manage the ICT infrastructure in countries throughout the developing world to submit an online application. When applying for USTTI's tuition -free training, please make sure to complete the "Applicant Training Goals" and "Current Position and Professional Experience" sections of the form.

Analog to Digital Television Transition Training Course
A group of 19 senior regulators, broadcasters and policymakers from the Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Jamaica, Jordan, Malawi, Moldova, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand and Uganda recently participated in an intensive briefing seminar hosted by the USTTI, Cisco Systems, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV). The seminar focused on the policy, advocacy and spectrum management challenges facing these leaders as they work to transition their country's television broadcasting from analog to digital. During their four days in Washington, these senior officials had discussions with key strategists and advisors who were instrumental in orchestrating the US's successful transition to digital broadcasting in June 2009. A majority of the dialogue that took place was based on challenges faced and lessons learned from the US transition and applying those examples to current issues facing countries who are either planning for the transition or somewhere along the path of the transition to digital. We are looking forward to receiving updates on how each country's transition is progressing and will work to include a similar program in USTTI's 2011 curriculum.

Scheduling Announcements
The dates for USTTI's Satellite Communications Sequence (courses 10-300, 10-301 and 10-302) sponsored by Inmarsat, Intelsat and The Boeing Company have been finalized and training will now take place October 19 - 29 in Washington, DC and Ellenwood, GA.

The postponed spring Internet Technology Sequence (courses 10-130, 10-131, 10-132, 10-133, 10-134, 10-135 and 10-136) has been re-scheduled to occur from August 17 - September 2, 2010. The sequence has also been expanded to include two additional Internet Technology courses: 10-137, "Cybersecurity Awareness Raising and Capacity Building;: and 10-138, "ICT Policymaking in a Global Environment." Both of these courses are being offered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and will take place in Washington, DC.

Availability for both of these highly popular training sequences is still available but training slots are filling rapidly. If you are interested in attending either the Satellite Communications or Internet Technology training sequences please submit your applications online and contact USTTI Curriculum Coordinator Mike Beirne (mbeirne@ustti.org).

The USTTI staff has been contacted by applicants and several members of our Alumni informing us that they had been receiving emails from individuals saying they were with the USTTI. Through this email correspondence the persons claiming to be from the USTTI, stated that the individuals needed to wire money to an account in order secure their place in training or maintain their status as a USTTI alum. Ignore these emails as they are spam and are not legitimate USTTI correspondence. Finally, please note all USTTI correspondence will only come from an email with the @ustti.org domain.

July 4th
Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the forefathers of the United States on July 4th 1776. To commemorate our independence from the King of England celebrations are conducted across the United States that include parades, political events, fireworks, family barbecues and many other events that celebrate the birth and history of the United States. In observance of this federal holiday USTTI's offices will be closed on Monday July 5th.

Alumni Update:
USTTI is proud to highlight some of the professional success stories from our alumni in our monthly updates:

Didjatou Modi Hamadou (Cameroon) - 2008 & 2009 Alumnus. Following completion of USTTI's 2009 Management training sequence sponsored by Alcatel- Lucent, Silicon Flatirons and Hewlett-Packard Mr. Hamadou was promoted within the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Cameroon.

Sith Siripraphanh (Laos) - 2008 & 2009 Alumnus. Mr. Siripraphanh has been appointed by the office of the Prime Minister to develop Laos' national ICT plan for achieving a modern communications infrastructure throughout the country.

Congratulations to our alumni for their recent successes. Please continue to keep us updated on how USTTI's tuition-free training helped your career progress by sending any career updates to USTTI Senior Curriculum Coordinator, Jim O'Connor, at joconnor@ustti.org


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