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March Update
March 9, 2010

Training Year Update
USTTI's 86 tuition-free course curriculum for 2010 has already received 5,418 applications from women and men in 107 developing countries. In many cases, acceptance notifications have been issued and USTTI scholars throughout the developing world are making arrangements to attend the USTTI’s popular first trimester courses in Spectrum Management; New Technologies in Broadcasting, Mobile Broadband and Cyber-Security.

USTTI encourages all qualified individuals who plan, regulate and/or manage the ICT infrastructure in countries throughout the developing world to submit an online application for our second and third trimester training sequences in, e-Government, ICT Policymaking, Management, Satellite Communications, Internet Technology, Telehealth and Emergency Communications. Please note that due to time-sensitive visa requirements; you should submit an application as soon as possible, making sure to complete the “Applicant Training Goals” and “Current Position and Professional Experience” sections of the form.

USTTI CTU Ministerial Briefing Seminar
In late March the USTTI will host an intensive three-day leadership Seminar for ICT Ministers and regulators from the Caribbean Basin. This Seminar has been developed by USTTI working with the very able Bernadette Lewis, President of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU). It has been designed to provide the Ministers with an overview of the latest technologies and regulatory policies that will help expedite the deployment in the near term of ICT throughout the entire Caribbean Basin. In view of the constant evolution of ICTs, this discussion will be the foundation for additional spectrum and policy harmonization throughout the region as the CTU and Ministers work to improve the infrastructure and increase access to ICTs for all their citizens.

Record Snowfall
During the month of February, Washington, DC experienced two considerable snow storms back-to-back, which crippled the National Capitol region for more than a week. On Friday, February 5th and Saturday February 6th, 17.8 inches (45.2 cm) of snow fell in downtown Washington – 32.4 inches (82.3 cm) fell nearby at Dulles International Airport. Only three days later, on Tuesday February 9th, the area was hit with a second blizzard that left and additional 10-15 inches (25.4 – 38.1 cm) in the city and outlying suburbs. The massive storms brought the city to a standstill and the federal government was closed for four days as everyone across the region dealt with and then tried to dig out from the storms. As March begins, the USTTI team is not only prepared for the start of our first trimester but also for warmer temperatures that will come with the arrival of spring on March 21.

Alumni Update:
USTTI is proud to highlight some of the professional success stories from our alumni in our monthly updates:

Chairman Siray Timbo (Sierra Leone) – 2010 Alumnus. Chairman Timbo and NATCOM experienced an unprecedented victory earlier this month when the Sierra Leone courts upheld a $50,000 fine which the Commission imposed on an international carrier for a breach of the regulations following increases on Mobile tariffs. This decision is a positive development for the consumers of Sierra Leone’s rights and sends a message to all mobile carriers that they will be held accountable for their actions in Sierra Leone.

Ddungu Deogratius (Uganda) – 2009 Alumnus. Mr. Deogratius has been promoted to Station Manager for Kalangala Islands Broadcasting, a non-profit radio station broadcasting to sixty Islands within Lake Victoria. In his new capacity Mr. Deogratius is charged with monitoring broadcasts and the quality of work by on-air hosts and program producers, assuring adherence to Uganda Communications Commission rules and the dictates of good taste and overseeing the final selection of programs

Congratulations to our alumni for their recent successes. Please continue to keep us updated on how USTTI’s tuition-free training helped your career progress by sending any career updates to USTTI Senior Curriculum Coordinator, Jim O’Connor, at joconnor@ustti.org


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