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News Update for May 2007
May 1, 2007

Spring Time at the USTTI
USTTI’s 25th training year is off to a strong start! We have received 6,631 applications from 123 developing nations. In April, the USTTI played host to one of the largest FCC training groups in recent years. Course M7-105 “Spectrum Management in the Civil Sector,” sponsored by the FCC graduated 28 scholars from 19 developing nations. So far this year, USTTI has trained a total of 57 scholars from 33 developing countries including our first participant from the Republic of Palau, an island nation in the South Pacific. This brings the total number of countries served by the USTTI to 166 over the past 25 years, and illustrates the expanding reach of the USTTI alumni pool. Second and Third trimester courses are starting to fill-up rapidly, so if you would like to attend any of the USTTI’s remaining tuition-free training in 2007, please submit your applications for the remaining semesters soon. You should submit applications at least 16 weeks prior to your desired course’s orientation date. Also remember, when filling out the application it is very important to completely fill out the USTTI training application, paying particular attention to the applicant training goals and experience sections. Please visit our website to see a complete list of courses being offered by the USTTI this year.

Expanding Relationship with the USTDA
An expanded relationship between the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and USTTI was highlighted at the USTDA’s recent Sub-Saharan Africa ICT Conference, held in San Francisco, California. The USTDA announced that it will be working with the USTTI to train more scholars from Sub-Saharan Africa during the 2008 training year. The USTDA and USTTI have worked closely with one another in recent years to train scholars from various regions around the world. By expanding this relationship USTTI hopes to strengthen its continually growing alumni base, and reach even more developing nations.

"e-Government for Development: Strategies and Policies"
USTTI is gearing up for its third annual seminar on e-Government, scheduled to take place June 18 – 29, 2007. A collaborative effort between USTTI and USAID, this two-week seminar will include interactive discussions, case studies, and best practice reviews for 20 senior-level officials. To date, this special seminar has garnered an impressive level of interest with nominations coming from various ministries and government organizations in 37 countries. The seminar will focus on e-Government strategies, cross-agency collaboration, change management, cybersecurity, e-procurement, and achieving development goals through e-Government. If you are interested in taking part in this seminar please submit your completed applicationimmediately, as we are already well within the 16 week deadline for this training course.

“March Madness”, Familiar Faces Take Home the Top Prize
For USTTI visitors earlier this year, and those following around the globe, one of America's favorite annual pastimes -college basketball's“March Madness”- wrapped-up in the beginning of April. The University of Florida closed out this year’s “March Madness” the same way they ended it last year- with a national championship- beating Ohio State in the title game 84-75. The University of Florida Gators, are the first team since the 1991-1992 Duke Blue Devils to win back-to-back National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball championships. The University of Florida also won this year’s NCAA football championship, making it the only university athletic program to hold both Division I athletic titles. USTTI congratulates all the basketball teams that took part in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament.

Wacky Weather in DC
For recent USTTI graduates who attended training in our nations capital, the month of April featured some of the strangest weather that Washington, DC has ever seen. The month started with mild temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius, which caused the cherry blossom tress to bloom early. By Easter weekend temperatures had plummeted to around freezing, and DC found itself covered in a light dusting of snow on the morning of April 7, 2007. It took two weeks for temperatures to recover, and return to “normal”. However, the erratic weather of this month led to a colder average temperature than this past December, which kicks off the winter season for the United States, and is typically much colder, than the spring. You can check the weather for all of the USTTI training locations at www.weather.com, just enter the city name when prompted by the web site.

Memorial Day
For USTTI scholars who are scheduled to attend to training later this month, and others planning to contact the USTTI, please be aware that Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day, and most businesses as well as federal and local government offices will be closed to honor this national federal holiday. Memorial Day celebrates a day of remembrance for those who have died in military service to our country. This holiday began in towns across America in the 1860's to commemorate the lives lost during the American Civil War, but now Memorial Day is used to pay homage to all fallen soldiers. In Washington DC, small American flags are placed at more than 260,000 gravestones of soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery to honor their service to this country. Memorial Day also serves as the unofficial start of the American summer season. To respect this holiday, USTTI staff will be out of the office on May 28th and will return on the 29th.


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