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USTTI Participants Create their Own Internet Home Pages
June 10, 2002

USTTI Participants Create their Own Internet Home Pages
As part of a recent course, "New Technologies in Broadcasting," sponsored by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, U.S. International Broadcasting/Voice of America (VOA) in cooperation with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Broadcast Technology Society (IEEE/BTS) here in Washington, DC. The 11 USTTI scholars created their own mini - home pages. Link here to see what they posted on their pages. You can also link to an audio statement by each person!

Friend of the USTTI Heads WHUT-TV at Howard University
Congratulations go out to Mr. Adam Clayton Powell, III who has recently been selected as the General Manager of Howard University Television - WHUT-TV. Started in 1980, Howard University Television is the only African-American owned and operated noncommercial station in the United States and runs programming both locally and around the country. Mr. Powell is a longtime friend of the USTTI, and we look forward to an expanded relationship between the USTTI and this state of the art public television station at one of Washington, DC's premier academic institutions. Link here to learn more about Howard University.

Save the Date!
For all of our colleagues and alumni who are planning to be in attendance at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference that is taking place this fall in Marrakesh, Morocco - the USTTI is planning a luncheon reception on October 9 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. to bring together past USTTI graduates and the USTTI Board and representatives who will be attending the conference. More details will follow soon!

USTTI Alumni, Chali Tumelo Puts Her Wireless Training in Action
USTTI Alumni from Zambia, Ms. Chali Tumelo (98-121, 98-132, K2-127, K2-134), who attended the USTTI's wireless trianing in 1998 and 2000 just wrote to the USTTI staff with an update on her new position at the ITU. She is utilizing the knowledge she received in USTTI courses in her daily duties as the ITU Senior Advisor for Network Management and Development for Eastern and Southern Africa. Through this position, she is able to contribute to communications development not only in Zambia but throughout a wider region of Africa. Congratulations to Chali in her new position - we wish her the best of luck!

Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission Visits the USTTI
This past week, several members of Bulgaria's newly independent Communications Regulation Commission, visited the offices of the USTTI in Washington, DC to discuss ways in which the commission can work with the USTTI to address Bulgaria and the CRC's training needs as they aggressively develop their communications sector. We commend Bulgaria on the steps taken towards the development of an independent regulatory body and look forward to working with more communications professionals from Bulgaria.

Mr. Rimantas Pleikys, USTTI Alumni, Writes a Book on Radio Jamming
Lithuanian Alumni Mr. Rimantas Pleikys (94-102, 94-116) has just provided the USTTI with information on his book, Jamming. The book is a comprehensive examination of the jamming of broadcasting stations done by the former Soviet Union. Mr. Pleikys is a former Minister of Communications and Informatics of Lithuania and a former Member of the Lithanian Parliament. He currently is a Project Coordinator at Radio Baltic Waves. Congratulations!

Black Entertainment Television (BET) Hosts 5 USTTI Participants
Five USTTI television broadcasting participants were invited for an in depth visit to the headquarters and studios of Black Entertainment Television (BET), which are located in Washington, DC. This site visit was a part of their course, Introduction to the African-American Cable Television and Entertainment Industry." BET is the leading African American multi-media entertainment company and has hosted 16 women and men in the past three years through the USTTI.

Alumni Uses Radio to Share Information About the USTTI
USTTI Alumni, Mr. Wilson Truman Okaka, Zambia (M1-325) who is the Chairman and Training Coordinator of the Northern Uganda Press Association (NUPA), just wrote the USTTI to let us know that he released a press bulletin about USTTI programs using over 20 media stations - mostly FM radio! He also gave us the most recent update in his efforts to secure grant funding for their proposed Radio Reading Service, so that it can be up and running by the end of the year. Wilson was able to obtain information on the importance of radio reading services from his USTTI course, "How to Start a Radio Reading or Audio Information Service for the Blind," sponsored by the International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS). We wish Wilson the best of luck with this proposal and thank him for helping spread the word about USTTI programs throughout Uganda!

We congratulate the U.S. team on winning its opening game against Portugal in the World Cup, which is taking place in South Korea. We wish the best of luck to the teams of all of our alumni's countries and look forward to watching along with everyone around the world!


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