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September News Update
August 31, 2005

e-Government Seminar
The USTTI recently completed its first Seminar on e-Government and Development. Sixteen senior officials traveled to Washington, DC to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented as they work to deploy e-Government policies and strategies in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines, Romania, and Rwanda. With strong support from USAID officials in Washington, USTTI brought together e-Government, IT, and development experts from IBM, the World Bank, and nearly 20 other federal, private sector, and international organization officials for a one-week seminar in Washington, DC. The spirited interactive discussion focused on the US e-Government experience, international case studies, and best practices that will assist government officials in creating their own e-Government strategies. The week was a great success and we look forward to the second annual seminar in 2006.

Reception for USAID Training Officers
On August 9, the USTTI was pleased to welcome USAID Training Officers from Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Madagascar, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Zambia to our offices. An evening reception was held in honor of all the USAID officials who provide invaluable assistance to the USTTI each year by facilitating visa procurement for training candidates. Thank you to the USAID team!

Visit and Training of Colonel Hadi Ahmadi
Col. Abdul Hadi Ahmadi, Director of Frequency Management for the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan, recently visited the USTTI offices for a meeting with Ambassador Gardner to discuss training opportunities for Afghan telecom & IT officials. Col. Ahmadi also participated in “Wireless Communications Policy” training, provided by CTIA – The Wireless Association, becoming the USTTI’s first graduate from Afghanistan this year. Special thanks are due to Lt. Col. Timothy Gardner and Mr. Spanky Kirsch of the Department of Defense, who facilitated Col. Ahmadi’s visit. We look forward to welcoming additional women and men from Afghanistan to our courses later this year and in 2006.

Training Summary
This summer has been another busy one for the USTTI, as over 100 officials from more than 40 countries have graduated since June. USTTI scholars have also traveled throughout the United States to train on cutting-edge technology at its source and gain fresh policy perspectives. Some of their travels have taken them to: San Diego, California for 3G Wireless Broadband training with QUALCOMM Incorporated; Austin, Texas for regulatory training from the state view with the Texas Telephone Association; Silicon Valley in California for network management training with Hewlett-Packard; and Atlanta, Georgia for 3G training with Cingular Wireless.

USTTI’s Applicant Pool
As of August 31, USTTI has received 10,749 applications from communications officials and entrepreneurs from 132 countries for our 2005 training courses. That is over 200 more applications than had been received by this date in 2004 (a year which featured the strongest applicant pool in the USTTI’s 23-year history). We thank all of you who have already submitted applications, and we look forward to receiving applications from those who have yet to apply for our telehealth, disaster communications, and IP course sequences in the third trimester.

Labor Day
Summer is nearing an end in the Northern Hemisphere, and this event is unofficially marked in the United States by the celebration of Labor Day, a federal holiday dedicated to the contributions of American workers to the nation’s prosperity. Labor Day is always held on the first Monday of September, and the USTTI will be closed in recognition of it on September 5.

Send USTTI Your Course Suggestions
This year’s course curriculum has included a comprehensive array of courses from the fundamentals of spectrum management and television broadcasting to the most promising new technologies, such as Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX. However, we are always looking to better meet the needs of our applicant pool. We welcome any suggestions for new or expanded course offerings for 2006. Please email suggestions to train@ustti.org.


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