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Spring Blossoms at USTTI
May 24, 2005

Welcome to the USTTI Board
We are pleased to announce that AT&T – a founding USTTI Board member in 1982 – has rejoined the USTTI Board of Directors. Doug Schoenberger, Director of International Government Affairs, will serve as the AT&T representative on the USTTI Board. Mr. Schoenberger has extensive experience with AT&T in the international arena and we look forward to his addition to the USTTI.

Additionally, Juan Belt, USAID’s Director of the Office of Energy and Information Technology (EIT) Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, & Trade (EGAT), has joined the Board as its first USAID representative. USAID support is vital to the USTTI, as Mr. Belt and his staff administer USAID’s global grant, which provided travel and subsistence funding for over 60% of USTTI participants in 2004.

USTTI honors Mr. Olaniyi Areke
On Friday, May 20, USTTI Chairman Ambassador Michael Gardner presented Mr. Olaniyi Areke with the 2005 Chairman's Award to recognize his extraordinary efforts and exemplary commitment to the USTTI. Mr. Areke, who has been the dedicated and enthusiastic coordinator of WHUT's course since it was first offered in 1994, is the first of two recipients to receive the award this year. For over a decade, Howard University Television's course, "Introduction to US Public Television Broadcasting," has been the anchor of the USTTI’s annual television broadcasting sequences, which offer hands-on exposure to US public television broadcasting techniques and technologies. Since Howard University joined the USTTI family in 1994, both WHUT (previously WHMM) and Howard University's School of Communications have graduated over 30 broadcasters who are now working to modernize the broadcast systems in 16 developing countries around the world.

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Speaks at Orientation Session
On April 26, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein visited the USTTI to speak to a diverse group of regulators, engineers, and entrepreneurs who were attending a USTTI orientation session before wireless broadband training offered by Intel, Lucent, and QUALCOMM. Commissioner Adelstein’s remarks focused upon the need for enlightened regulatory reform to increase wireless broadband penetration. He also fielded questions on diverse topics ranging from spectrum allocation to interconnection.

FCC Commissioners and other federal leaders in the United States communications arena frequently share their insights at USTTI orientation sessions, which are mandatory for all participants before the start of their training.

USTTI Conducts Second CITEL-World Bank Videoconference
On April 25, a team of the USTTI’s volunteer professors presented their views on wireless broadband technology and answered questions for over 3 hours during a regional videoconference, hosted by the World Bank and connecting to CITEL’s PCC.II meeting in Guatemala City and sites in Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Peter Pitsch of Intel, Frank Chisesi of Lucent, Hector Marin of QUALCOMM, David Furth of the FCC, and John Muleta of Venable LLP volunteered their time to share their expertise in the field of wireless broadband technology, and the USTTI salutes their efforts.

USTTI’s Applicant Pool
As of May 19, USTTI had received 8,204 applications from communications officials and entrepreneurs from 121 developing countries for our 2005 training courses. That is over 300 more applications than had been received by that date in 2004 (a year which featured our strongest applicant pool in history). We thank all of you who have already submitted applications, and we look forward to receiving applications from those yet to apply.

USTTI Board Member Corporation AT&T Highlights Voice Over IP
On May 6, 11 Internet engineers and managers from 10 developing countries spent a day at the AT&T Innovation Center learning about Voice over IP and Internet governance issues. The visit with AT&T staff and guest lecturers included a VoIP demonstration as well as presentations about policy, regulation and security challenges facing the global community regarding new technologies. This is the first of three such programs sponsored by USTTI Board member company AT&T, who is represented on the Board by Doug Schoenberger (see announcement above).

Satellite Communications Course Sequence Changes
Please note that in order to offer participants the opportunity to visit their teleport and other technical facilities, USTTI Board member company PanAmSat has decided to offer their course M5-305, “Satellite Communications Primer – Technical and Regulatory Issues” at their corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia. To make travel planning easier, USTTI also changed the dates of both M5-305 and M5-306. Please take careful note of the new dates of the 2005 Satellite Communications sequence:

September 23, 2005: USTTI Orientation in Washington, DC

September 26 - 27, 2005: M5-306, “Developing Satellite Communications Projects and Services,” sponsored by Application Technology Strategy, Inc. in Washington, DC

September 29 - 30, 2005: M5-305 “Satellite Communications Primer – Technical and Regulatory Issues,” sponsored by PanAmSat Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia

October 3 - 7, 2005: M5-307 “Commercial Satellite Communication Applications,” sponsored by The Boeing Company in El Segundo, California

Acceptances decisions for these courses are expected by late June, so please apply soon if you have not yet done so!

USTTI to Join Women and ICT Conference
In our efforts to promote increased training and professional opportunities for women in the ICT field, USTTI will be participating in the upcoming “Women and ICT: Creating Global Transformation” symposium. If your organization or administration is interested in participating visit Women and ICT: Creating Global Transformation for more details.

Journalism Training Opportunity
USTTI alumni (97-115/97-134) Dmitry A. Ruschin and The Mass Media Center of the School (Faculty) of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University (SPbGU) is inviting journalists, scholars, educators, students, and communication specialists from around the world to take part in the Tenth Annual International Journalism Summer School, beginning June 28. Click here to learn more about tuition costs and application deadlines.


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