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July 11, 2003

Thank You to USAID!

The USTTI staff would like to send a special note of thanks to our colleagues at the USAID missions throughout the world and the USAID officials in Washington who have been working closely with the USTTI on the new visa requirements and how they apply to our USTTI Scholars. It has required a lot of time and patience, and their support throughout the past few months – and in past years – has been invaluable! The USTTI is grateful that we have such dedicated women and men at USAID working diligently on behalf of USTTI Scholars to ensure that USTTI training remains available to the most qualified communications professionals from throughout the developing world. Thank you!

Congratulations to New American Citizens!

On Wednesday, June 25, USTTI Senior Administrative Manager Rogelio Encarnacion and his wife were sworn in as United States citizens. Everyone on the USTTI staff congratulates Ogie and Mercy on this notable accomplishment and wishes them the best of luck in the years to come as American citizens!

USTTI Welcomes Its Newest Curriculum Coordinator

Congratulations also go to Matthew Gebert on joining the USTTI staff as a Curriculum Coordinator. Matt is a native of Stratford, New Jersey and was an intern with the USTTI since February 2002. He recently graduated in May with a B.A. in International Studies from American University. Matt also studied in Kyiv, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia, and brings great experience to the USTTI team.

Newest Addition to the USTTI Board of Directors

The USTTI welcomes the newest member of its Board of Directors, Mr. James A. Courter, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the IDT Corporation. IDT is one of 17 leaders in the communications industry represented on the USTTI's Board in 2003. Check out the complete listing of the USTTI's Board Of Directors.

2003 Training Year Update

To date, the USTTI has received 6,493 applications from 122 countries. So far this training year, the USTTI’s 21st year of tuition-free telecommunications training, 78 women and men from 34 countries around the world have earned USTTI Graduate Certificates. With many training courses yet to commence, we are looking forward to these numbers increasing dramatically!

NTIA Spectrum Expert Fred Matos in Iraq

Over the 21-year history of the USTTI, Fred Matos has been one of the most effective and dedicated USTTI volunteer teachers. Each year, Fred – a Policy Analyst at NTIA of U.S. Department of Commerce – and his numerous NTIA colleagues conduct a two-week long spectrum management course which has graduated hundreds of women and men who are now providing enlightened spectrum management leadership throughout the developing world. Fred’s dedicated service to the USTTI earned him the USTTI’s Chairman Award in 2000 for his extraordinary contribution to the USTTI.

Not surprising, at the conclusion of the Iraq conflict when that country’s communications infrastructure was in serious need of rebuilding, Fred Matos volunteered to travel to Baghdad where he has been working non-stop, seven days a week with Iraqi officials to improve that country’s communications systems.

The entire USTTI family – our Board of Directors, our staff and our volunteer trainers throughout the United States – applaud Fred for his continued commitment to making modern communications a reality in every corner of the developing world.

USTTI – Burns Telecom Center Kazakhstan Training

The USTTI is currently working with the dedicated staff members of the office of Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) to replicate the USTTI’s successful initiatives with Morocco and South Africa by providing training for a critical mass of officials from Kazakhstan and other countries in Central Asia whose officials have had only limited contact with the USTTI during the past two decades. The initial training segment will begin this July with the FCC’s intensive course, “Spectrum Management in the Civil Sector,” and will conclude with a weeklong training program at the Burns Telecommunication Center in Bozeman, Montana. Interested Central Asian officials should apply for USTTI courses online.

Second Annual USTTI – Pacific Rim Telehealth Seminar

Due to the success of the first USTTI – Pacific Rim Telehealth Seminar that took place in January 2003, the USTTI is working in conjunction with officials from the Office of Telemedicine at the University of Virginia as well as the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation to host the Second Annual USTTI – Pacific Rim Telehealth Seminar. This one-week seminar for 20 healthcare and telecommunications professionals from throughout the Pacific Rim and the Hawaiian health community will focus on practical applications of telemedicine in remote communities and is expected to be held the week of January 19-23, 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Expected presenters include Hawaiian Health Systems Corporation, the Pan-Pacific Education and Communication Experiments by Satellite Program (PEACESAT), the University of Virginia Office of Telemedicine, the University of Guam, Kapiolani Women’s Health Center, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital of Honolulu, Tripler Army Medical Center , and the Hawaii Primary Care Association.

Updates will be provided as details become finalized. Please direct any queries about this Seminar to USTTI Curriculum Coordinator Brian McCloskey (bmccloskey@usttti.org).

Time is Running Out for 2003 - Apply Today!

The USTTI’s second trimester training is well underway – and we are gearing up for the final tuition-free USTTI courses of 2003. Still to come are course sequences in Satellite Communications, Spectrum Management, Telemedicine/Telehealth, Regulatory and Privatization, Emergency Communications, Internet Network Management and Television Broadcasting. (Note that some dates in our course catalog may change due to some rescheduling – so please consult the web site for the most up-to-date information!) Due to the increased time required for securing visas for travel to the U.S., it is critical that we receive your applications for third trimester training as soon as possible. Apply online today!

A New Country Participating: Bosnia-Herzegovina

This June, Mr. Mirko Vilic, Head Engineer for Transmission Systems at Telekom Srpske in Gradiska, graduated from three of the USTTI’s tuition-free wireless communications training courses. This makes Mr. Vilic the first USTTI alumni from Bosnia-Herzegovina and brings our total countries served to 164! The USTTI looks forward to further extending our alumni network into Bosnia-Herzegovina and the rest of the developing world.

Summer Fun for USTTI Interns

Throughout the year, especially during the busy summer training months, the USTTI relies upon several interns from Washington, DC area universities to assist in the important daily operations of the USTTI. The interns also assist in providing the USTTI staff with important background information on the countries of USTTI participants. This week, Jorge Arriaza, James Bowler and Colm McKeveny will be presenting a detailed report on the history, government and communications infrastructure of the Central Asian regional countries in conjunction with our special Central Asia – Kazakhstan initiative (see above). We look forward to their informative report and additional reports throughout the summer on telecom-IT development in all regions of the globe!


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