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USTTI Announces TCI 5G Spectrum Course in Finland
June 13, 2019

USTTI Board Member TCI is happy to announce a three day training seminar “Spectrum Management and Monitoring in the 5G World.”

The intensive three day session (Course 19-312) will be conducted in Helsinki, Finland from September 24-26 and will cover trends and practical solutions for today and future signal environments including presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and group discussions on:

• 5G Opportunities & Challenges for Spectrum Regulators
o 5G: Standards Overview
o 5G: Mobile Equipment Supplier / Operator Perspective
o 5G: Validation, Characterization and Conformance Testing
o 5G: Use Cases and Requirements– EMBB, MIoT, MCS
o 5G: Balanced Spectrum Management (Licensed, Unlicensed and Shared
o 5G: Spectrum Monitoring in a 5G World

• Distributed Monitoring: Sensor Requirement, Measurement Planning

• Spectrum Monitoring and Coverage Analysis: Tools for data management what is needed and how best to do it

• Modern, Complex Signal Recognition

Please submit your applications for this seminar (19-312) via ustti.org


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