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USTTI to Begin 37th Year of Tuition Free Training - and Other News
March 7, 2019

The USTTI's 37th year of tuition free training will begin on Monday, March 18th with our 5G and Emerging Technologies Sequence. Conducted in Washington DC, the intensive program will feature courses by USTTI Board Member Companies Verizon, Ericsson, Microsoft and the GSMA. The courses will provide scholars with a deeper understanding of the underlying technologies and concepts associated with 5G, the differences between 5G and previous generations of mobile technology and the role of IoT and M2M technologies in accelerating digital transformation, and improving how businesses, governments, and consumers operate, along with regulatory frameworks that facilitate the deployment of these technologies.

The first trimester of courses will continue in April with the USTTI's bedrock Spectrum Management training conducted by the FCC and TCI in Washington, DC, Columbia, MD and Freemont, CA. The month long sequence will provide information and material for the spectrum manager that will enable the making of logical spectrum related decisions that are well grounded in basic technical procedures. Applications for this highly popular sequence are still being reviewed and can be submitted HERE.

USTTI Next 10,000 Scholars Initiative

In order to establish a reserve of funding, to ensure scholars can attend the USTTI's tuition-free training courses into the future, USTTI has established the "USTTI's Next 10,000 Scholars Campaign" to sustain the mission of the USTTI into the next decade and beyond. Through this fundraising campaign the USTTI is calling on all members of the USTTI family including: alumni, companies, trainers, international organizations, member states and friends of the program to financially support the USTTI and donate as we work to sustain our mission and train USTTI's Next 10,000 scholars. For further information or to donate to the USTTI's Next 10,000 Scholars Initiative please contact USTTI President Jim O'Connor via joconnor@ustti.org

USTTI - ITU Collaboration

As part of the ITU's Global Forum on Emergency Telecommunications (GET-19) currently being conducted in Mauritius, ITU's Director of Telecommunication Development Bureau Ms. Doreen Bogdan Martin has announced a competition that will take place to select three developing country officials to attend the USTTI's Emergency Communications training sequence from October 21st to November 1st. The training will address telecommunications needs for mitigating the effects of natural and manmade disasters in which normal communications are often disrupted by physical damage, system overload or adverse weather conditions. Participants will be introduced, through field trips and classroom discussion, to a wide range of technologies and be given the tools to help them evaluate which technologies will be applicable to their countries for a wide range of applications including: natural and man-made disaster recovery and relief operations, refugee management, anti-terrorism, early detection and warning, public safety, public information and emergency medical including telemedicine.

Individuals wishing to register for the Competition must complete USTTI's online application form HERE, by March 15th paying particular attention to the questions, which will form the basis for selecting the winners: 1) Please explain in 100-125 words how training you would benefit your company/organization and your country; 2) What potential leadership role might you play upon your return home?; 3) How will this training help you in contributing to the development (or improvement) of your country's national emergency telecommunication plan?

USTTI Cybersecurity Training

USTTI's Cybersecurity and ICT Policy training sequence will be conducted from Monday June 10 to Friday June 21. The two week sequence will address the development of National Cybersecurity Policy, Network Disaster Recovery, CERT Coordination, Protecting Children Online and the development of Community Networks. The two week session will be led by subject matter experts from AT&T, Microsoft, Packet Clearing House, ICANN and the GSMA. Applications can be submitted here and acceptances will be issued by the end of March.

USTTI Alumni Update

Did you know that at the 2018 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Dubai more than 50 country delegations were Chaired or Vice Chaired by USTTI Alumni? Please continue to keep us updated on how USTTI's tuition-free training helped your career progress by sending any career updates to USTTI Curriculum Coordinator, Jamal Anderson, at janderson@ustti.org.


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