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USTTI July Update
July 4, 2014

Scholars attending the USTTI's Management Training Sequence spent one week in Boulder, Colorado, learning management strategies and techniques designed to help navigate their countries through the ever-changing telecommunications environment.

This intensive, weeklong training is provided by Silicon Flatirons, University of Colorado, and is led by Spectrum Guru, Dale Hatfield (middle row, far left). Dale is supported by a team of experienced professors and professionals working for the University of Colorado.

Members of his team pictured here are Hawra Rabaan (front row, far right), Diana Pesenti (front row, far left), Ruscha Cohen (back row, far left), Gena Welkin (middle row, fourth from right), and Aaron Jefferson (back row, third from right).

The USTTI Management training class boasts scholars from Bangladesh, Gambia, Ghana, Indonesia, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Thailand and Zambia.


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