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USTTI May Update
April 4, 2014

USTTI Surpasses Milestone
We are excited to announce that we have exceeded the 9,000-graduate milestone, and we look forward to aggressively continuing USTTI's global outreach as we look forward to our 10,000th graduate.

With summer just around the corner, the USTTI is close to concluding its first trimester of 2014. To date, we have received 7,066 applications from 1,756 ICT officials and entrepreneurs in 107 countries. Through the first 12 courses of the 2014 training year, the USTTI has graduated 76 women and men from 35 developing countries, bringing the total number of USTTI graduates to 9,030.

FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly Visits the USTTI
Commissioner Michael O'Rielly of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) visited the USTTI on May 5 during the USTTI's ongoing Cybersecurity and ICT Policy sequence. Commissioner O'Rielly spoke with USTTI participants about his experience serving as Commissioner at the FCC, including the importance of implementing enlightened communications regulation to foster competition and innovation in the ICT sector.

Pictured above, FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly poses for a photo with 20 cybersecurity officials and entrepreneurs from Bhutan, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Curacao, Ghana, Honduras, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Turkey, Uganda and Zambia.

Internet Pioneer Bob Kahn Visits the USTTI
During the Internet Society's (ISOC) recently completed training, "Introduction to the Internet Global Collaborative Development," Internet pioneer Bob Kahn shared his thoughts with USTTI scholars about the importance of maintaining a free and open Internet. Mr. Kahn worked with Vint Cerf to invent the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). These two protocols (TCP/IP) formed the foundation for the modern Internet by creating a common language that allowed networked computers to share packets of data.

Pictured above, Bob Kahn speaks to participants attending the USTTI's Cybersecurity and ICT Policy training sequence.

Call for Applications
The USTTI's first trimester of the 2014 training year is coming to a close; however, our second trimester is right around the corner, and there is still time to apply for our popular second trimester course offerings addressing the Rule of Law, Management, Broadcast Technology, Telecom/ICT Policy and Regulation, Mobile Broadband and Distance Learning. We are also accepting applications for all third trimester courses, including Internet Architecture and Internet Services, Cybersecurity and ICT Policy, Spectrum Monitoring, Amateur radio Administration, Satellite Communications, Telehealth and Emergency Communications. Be sure to consult our website, www.ustt.org, for a full list of second and third trimester courses. When completing your application, please pay particular attention to the "Applicant Training Goals" and "Experience" sections. We encourage you to apply online as soon as possible to make certain your applications are received in time to be evaluated.
If you are selected for training, you will be notified by a Curriculum Coordinator from the USTTI via email. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Alumni Updates
We continue to welcome updates from our graduates regarding their successes after the conclusion of training. Please continue to keep us updated on how USTTI's tuition-free training has helped your career progress by sending any career updates to USTTI Curriculum Coordinator, Liam Quinn, at lquinn@ustti.org


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