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USTTI April Update
April 4, 2014

The first trimester of the USTTI's 2014 training year is off to a strong start as we conclude the second week of our six-week Spectrum Management training sequence. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) provided a nine-day training segment to 14 Scholars from Egypt, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Philippines, Rwanda, South Sudan, Suriname and Uganda. The NTIA's course addresses how to develop and manage a national radio frequency management agency, introducing spectrum management principles, national spectrum planning and policy, engineering analysis, and computer-aided techniques.

Including our eight senior-level African Union delegates that attended our Executive Visit in early March, the USTTI has graduated 22 officials to start 2014.

Later this month, our ICT Policy and Cybersecurity training sequence will begin, covering critical topics such as cybersecurity coordination, CERTs, global collaboration, policymaking and governance. These tuition-free training courses will be conducted by government and industry representatives from the US Department of State, IBM, NTIA, the Internet Society, Packet Clearing House, Verisign, the Intel Corporation, AT&T, M3AA and the Microsoft Corporation.

In late April, USTTI and Voice of America will partner to conduct our Radio and Television Broadcast Technology training sequence, discussing the design and operation of radio and television studios with specific attention to the host of new systems and techniques ushered in by the "digital era".

Course sponsors are still receiving applications for our second and third trimester courses. As such, please apply as soon as possible in order to be considered for acceptance and funding assistance.

USTTI Alumni Profile - Jumar Cabulisan

The shared goal of USTTI's volunteer trainers is to empower women and men from the developing world who are working to make modern communications a reality for their fellow citizens. On an annual basis these dedicated USTTI supporters review hundreds of applications in order to identify the most qualified
candidates for participation.

Since 2005, Jumar Cabulisan of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in the Philippines has been an official who has been identified by USTTI's sponsors to participate in numerous USTTI training programs. Currently, Jumar is attending the 2014 Spectrum Management sequence sponsored by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), GSMA, the Federal Communications Commission and TCI International. Recently USTTI caught up with Jumar and asked him to reflect on the impact his USTTI training experiences have had on his career and also his organization.

Jumar shared that his USTTI training has proven "instrumental in working with difficult issues such as spectrum auctions." He stated that currently the Philippines is looking to maximize its use of five 3G spectrum blocks. Mr. Cabulisan said that his previous and current training will offer valuable insight on how to properly execute upcoming auctions to provide full utility while ensuring maximum competition.

Another important development that has taken place as a result of Jumar's training has been a great deal of progress in encouraging amateur radio operation while implementing effective regulation that allows open use of radio waves but avoids overcrowding from multiple users of the same waves. Most notably, the NTC has reformed the amateur radio examinations to make them more accessible so that citizens are more likely to take the exams rather than operate radios without a license. He notes that two independent civic groups have emerged in recent years to assume the role of educating amateur radio users on best practices and regulatory policies that apply to amateur radio use.

Mr. Cabulisan wrapped up our conversation by reporting that the biggest challenge currently facing the Philippines and the NTC is their Analog to Digital broadcasting transition which they aim to have completed by 2015. During his current training he hopes to learn about the best ways to address this challenging transition and share ideas and experiences with USTTI trainers and scholars alike.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Winter was stubborn this year and Spring is only just beginning to show its true colors. Nevertheless, Washington, DC commenced its annual Cherry Blossom Festival on March 20th. The festival, which runs until April 12th, is a commemoration of the 1912 gift of cherry trees from the Mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki, as a token of friendship between the United States and Japan.

During the festival, visitors from all over the country and the world will come to Washington, DC, to see the blossoming of these cherry trees throughout the city, hoping to be lucky enough to see them at their peak bloom. The city celebrates this occasion with fireworks, cultural exhibitions and a 10-mile run through the heart of downtown Washington, DC.


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