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32nd Training Year Begins!
March 21, 2014

USTTI launched our 32nd year of tuition-free training on Monday, March 3rd with an Executive Workshop for eight senior officials from the African Union.

Despite the fact that this intensive week of training began with snow and a federal government closure, the senior AU officials spent four jam-packed days in the USTTI conference room discussing the upcoming Analog to Digital Television transition, Spectrum Management, Broadband deployment, Cybersecurity and best practices for developing Internet economies. All three Federal members of the USTTI Board joined a number of the industry Board representatives to participate in this important session.

Dale Hatfield, Spectrum Guru and former Chief Technologist of the FCC, opens up Day two of the Executive Visit Seminar with a Spectrum Primer covering important issues facing nations of the African Union in the lead up to their Analog to Digital transitions. Topics included uses of newly freed spectrum bands, TV white spaces, spectrum sharing and licensed vs. unlicensed spectrum.

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, addresses the African Union Delegation and government and industry representatives from the USTTI's Board of Directors at the USTTI's Reception. Chairman Wheeler's message emphasized the importance of informed decision-making on the part of the AU delegation through robust discourse and idea sharing.

The African Union Delegation takes a moment from the their packed training agenda to take a photo with Ambassador Michael R. Gardner, Chairman of the USTTI (front row, fourth from right) and representatives from the U.S. Department of State; Chris Painter, Coordinator of Cyber Issues (second from left); Peter Henry Barlerin, Director of Africa Bureau Economic and Policy Staff (back row, left); Ambassador Daniel A. Sepulveda, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy (back row, center).

2014 Training

On Friday, March 21st, USTTI will begin our core curriculum with the bedrock Spectrum Management training sequence. Representatives from the NTIA will conduct two weeks of training followed by three additional weeks from the FCC that will include field exercises at their facility in Columbia, Maryland.

Additionally, new USTTI Board Member GSMA will conduct their first course - "Spectrum Planning for Mobile Communication: Basic Principles, Planning, Licensing and Regulatory Environments." During these five weeks officials from Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and Zambia will train with the USTTI.

To date we have received 5,325 applications from applicants in 91 countries. We are currently receiving and reviewing applications for our Second Trimester course sequences featuring training in Radio Spectrum Monitoring (14-240), Utility Regulation (14-241), Rule of Law (14-200, 14-201, 14-202), Internet Architecture and Internet Services (14-203, 14-204, 14-205, 14-206, 14-207, 14-208, 14-209), Management (14-210, 14-211, 14-212, Broadcast Technology (14-220, 14-221), Policy and Regulation (14-230, 14-231, 14-232, 14-233, 14-234, 14-235), Mobile Broadband (14-250, 14-251, 14-252, 14-253, 14-254, 14-255, 14-256, 14-257) and Distance Learning (14-260).

Please be sure to apply immediately to ensure your application will be considered for these important sequences.


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