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March Update
March 12, 2013

Later this month the USTTI will begin our 31st year of tuition-free training with our bedrock Spectrum Management sequence sponsored by The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Federal Communications Commission.

To date, the USTTI has received 6,147 applications from 1,535 applicants working in 102 developing countries. Sponsors for second trimester courses, "Introduction to Rule of Law" and "Managing Effectively in the Changing Telecommunications Environment" are beginning to review applications. Officials interested in applying for these and other popular offerings are encouraged to do so at our website, www.ustti.org, by clicking the "Apply Online" link at the top right of the page.

Board Member Blog
As USTTI graduates know, the USTTI is a non-profit joint venture between U.S. industry leaders from the ICT sector and the federal governmental officials who have jurisdiction over ICT policy and regulation. This private-public partnership has been at the core of the USTTI's successful outreach that has provided diverse tuition-free ICT training to 8,784 women and men who are working in 171 developing countries to make modern communications an affordable reality.

In order for USTTI graduates and applicants to benefit directly from members of the USTTI Board, April's USTTI alumni update will initiate a new element entitled "Board Member Blog." These entries will allow our alumni to read the views of individual board members on subjects that are important in the global ICT marketplace. The forum should provide a valuable new source of information for USTTI graduates to consider as they work to achieve their ICT goals. Be sure to carefully watch for the April USTTI update which will include this exciting new feature.

Scheduling Change
USTTI's first trimester Mobile Broadband sequence (courses 13-141, 13-142, 13-143, 13-144 and 13-145), has been rescheduled to take place from June 7 - 21, 2013. Orientation for training will begin on Friday, June 7th in Washington, DC, and training will conclude on Friday, June 21 in San Diego, CA. In light of these revised training dates, we are still accepting applications for this first trimester Mobile Broadband training sequence. If you are interested in attending these courses on the newly scheduled dates but have not yet submitted an online application, please visit our application webpage (http://ustti.org/courses/apply.php) and submit an application as soon as possible.

Additionally, course 13-B00, "Introduction to Public Television Broadcasting," sponsored by WHUT-TV Howard University Television has been rescheduled and will now take place in Washington, DC from May 20 - 31, 2013.

Let the MADNESS Begin...
No, not USTTI's 31st year of tuition-free training. Rather, the US sports tradition known as March Madness. Every year in March college basketball teams are selected to compete in a single elimination tournament that will crown the year's champion. On Sunday, March 17 - "Selection Sunday" - 68 teams that will compete for the National Championship will be chosen and offices everywhere, including the USTTI, will begin making their predictions and compete in friendly contests that will end with the final game on Monday, April 8th.

Alumni Update
USTTI is proud to highlight some of the professional success stories from our alumni in our monthly updates:

Joe Sumo (Liberia) 2012 Alumnus: Mr. Sumo was appointed to serve on the Liberian Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications Technical Working Group for Digital Migration.

Wisdom Kuagbenu (Ghana) 2009 Alumnus: After participating in USTTI's "Applying 21st Century ICT in Emerging Markets" training, Mr. Kuagbenu was selected by Ghana Lands Commission to work on their project to implement modern-day ICT to resolve land disputes. Through this project Mr. Kuagbenu established an ICT Center within the Keta Municipality.

Congratulations to our alumni for their recent successes. Please continue to keep us updated on how USTTI's tuition-free training helped your career progress by sending any career updates to USTTI Curriculum Coordinator, Liam Quinn, at lquinn@ustti.org


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