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USTTI July Update
July 26, 2012

Exciting Changes for USTTI 2.0 and Web-Based Cybersecurity Training

The USTTI is pleased to announce two significant changes to the web-based Cybersecurity Awareness Raising and Capacity Building training program, which is available entirely online through USTTI 2.0.

First, we have made the first module of our web-based Cybersecurity course free for individuals who sign up for USTTI 2.0. To take advantage of the free first module of the web-based training, simply visit http://ustti.org, click on USTTI 2.0, and create a username and password. You will then have free access to the first module, as well as the many social networking features that are part of USTTI 2.0.

Second, in response to feedback from individuals around the world, we have reduced the administrative cost for the web-based course by 50%. The new administrative fee for the online program is now just $50 USD. Our hope is that this will make the online training experience more accessible to women and men throughout the developing world.

East Africa Regional Analog to Digital Television Migration Workshop

The USTTI, in conjunction with the African Media Initiative (AMI), conducted an East African Regional Analog to Digital Television Migration Workshop from May 21 - 23, 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. The primary purpose of the three-day workshop was to assemble officials and entrepreneurs from the East Africa region who are developing and implementing their countries' national digital migrations. With the 2015 migration deadline rapidly approaching, the workshop was intended to provide a forum for regional players to discuss the issues and challenges associated with planning and implementing a successful digital migration. Fifty-three officials, entrepreneurs and broadcasters from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda attended the seminar, where they met with officials from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who shared their experience with the United States' successful 2009 digital migration.

Rule of Law Training Sequence

The USTTI recently conducted out first-ever "Rule of Law" training sequence, sponsored by the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America, and the United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA). Seventeen women and men from 12 developing countries attended this seven-day seminar. The training program was targeted for lawyers and policy makers tasked with shaping the legal and regulatory frameworks in their developing countries. The primary goal was to discuss the role that the Rule of Law plays in shaping predictable but dynamic regulatory environments that promote ICT investment and growth.

Numbers Update

The USTTI is half-way through the second trimester of 2012, and to date, we have received 9,716 applications from 2,244 women and men in 120 developing countries. Moreover, through the first 29 courses of the 2012 training year, the USTTI has already graduated 148 officials and entrepreneurs from 45 developing countries, bringing the total USTTI alumni network 8,658 graduates from 170 countries. We look forward to the continued expansion of this network as we continue our 30th year of tuition-free training.

Third Trimester Training

As we near the end of the second trimester of the 2012 training year, we still have training slots available for the USTTI's third trimester training sequences, including Mobile Broadband, Radio Broadcast, Satellite Communications, Spectrum Monitoring, Telehealth, Cybersecurity and ICT Policy and Emergency Communications. Please visit the USTTI website (http://ustti.org/courses/list.php?Trimester=3) for details on these third trimester courses. Please note that training slots in these third trimester programs are filling quickly, so we encourage you to submit your online application in a timely manner. When completing your application, please pay particular attention to the "Applicant Training Goals" and "Experience" sections.

Our course sponsors will review your third trimester applications, and you will be notified by email if you are selected for training.


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