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Spectrum Summit
May 4, 2012

As a part of the 2012 Spectrum Management Training Sequence, USTTI held its first ever Spectrum Summit in conjunction with USTTi Board Member companies Cisco Systems, Inc.; Inmarsat, Inc.; and Qualcomm, Inc. The Spectrum Summit was a roundtable discussion between 32 USTTI spectrum management scholars and Board member representatives Diane Cornell, Vice President for Government Affairs, Inmarsat, Inc.; Dr. Robert Pepper, Vice President of Global Technology Policy, Cisco Systems, Inc.; and Tom Wasilewski, Senior Director for Government Affairs, Qualcomm, Inc. The Spectrum Summit provided the USTTI scholars with the ability to hear from industry leaders regarding current allocation issues and policy considerations facing regulators. The Board member representatives also discussed emerging technologies and the ways in which government and industry can work together to ensure the most effective use of the spectrum.


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