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USTTI 2.0 Online Training
May 5, 2012

The USTTI's newest training platform, USTTI 2.0 is accessible online to all prospective ICT scholars. For the first time, the benefits of the USTTI's experienced cybersecurity experts are available to scholars who cannot travel to the United States for training. In collaboration with Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ), the USTTI has launched its first online course, "Cybersecurity Awareness and Capacity Building". This course examines threats to the global network, including identity theft, financial theft, intellectual property theft, human exploitation, political espionage, terrorism and sabotage. The course provides an overview of current best practices to combat cybercrime and to build adaptable cybercrime policies. Scholars are able to access this interactive, 8-hour course by signing up with the USTTI 2.0 community (www.ustti2.org) and paying a one-time administrative fee of $100.00.


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