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2011 Training Kicks Off
May 2, 2011

USTTI's 29th year of tuition free training is off to a strong start. To date, our first two training sequences have graduated 54 scholars from 30 developing countries, bringing our total graduate number to 1,872. Forty spectrum engineers and policymakers from twenty-three countries attended the spring Spectrum Management sequence from March 28 - April 22. Training was conducted by experts from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Comsearch. The spring Internet Technology sequence was held March 28 - April 11 and included courses offered by the NTIA; AT&T; Packet Clearing House; Cisco Systems, Inc.; the Internet Society (ISOC); VeriSign and Intel Corporation. Fourteen women and men from twelve developing countries attended this intensive two-week course that addressed emerging internet technologies and the importance of cybersecurity.

USTTI's 87-course curriculum has already attracted an impressive 6,403 applications from communications officials and engineers in 102 developing countries. Applications are currently being reviewed for popular second and third trimester courses in Radio Spectrum Monitoring, Utility Regulation, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Management Training, Telecom/IT Policy and Regulation, Broadband and Wireless, e-Government, Satellite Communications, Mobile Broadband, the Internet, Emergency Communications, Radio Broadcast Technology and Telemedicine. We encourage you to apply for USTTI training in 2011 by submitting your application as soon as possible, paying particular attention to the applicant training goals and work experience sections.

Upcoming Executive Seminar for South Africa's ICASA
The USTTI will host a four-day seminar Monday, May 9 - Thursday, May 12 for the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). This special seminar is offered to assist ICASA's efforts to hire experts to conduct specialized spectrum auctions planned for the near term, the first of their kind in South Africa. In view of the inherent complexity of the process, this seminar aims to ensure that ICASA's staff members are informed as to best practices for efficient spectrum management as they embark on these specialized auctions, while also discussing and familiarizing themselves with the technologies that will be most useful for utilizing the spectrum.

Scheduling Announcements
The dates for course 10-150, "Radio and TV Studio Design, Operation and Management," and course 11-200, "New Technologies in Broadcasting," both sponsored by Voice of America (VOA), have been changed to allow additional time for visa processing. Course 10-150 will now take place September 7 - 21, and course 10-200 will be held October 12 - 26 in Washington, DC.

Availability for both of these highly popular training sequences is still available but training slots are filling rapidly. If you are interested in attending either the Satellite Communications or Internet Technology training sequences please submit your applications online and contact USTTI Curriculum Coordinator Mike Beirne (mbeirne@ustti.org).

Big Things Are Coming . . .
The USTTI is currently working on a new and game-changing venture that will greatly expand the availability and accessibility of USTTI training. Continue to monitor the USTTI website for important updates about the USTTI's exciting new initiative!

Alumni Update:
USTTI is proud to highlight some of the professional success stories from our alumni in our monthly updates:

Ernesto Canales (Peru) 2007 and 2008 Alumnus: Following completion of USTTI's 2007 and 2008 Radio and TV Broadcast training sequences sponsored by Voice of America (VOA) and Harris Broadcast Communications Division, Mr. Canales was tasked with designing the Master Control Room HD project for his organization. The project was a major success, and he credits his experience with VOA and Harris for giving him the tools necessary to complete a job well done.

Surendra Karmacharya (Nepal) 2010 Alumnus: Mr. Karmacharya attended the 2010 Internet Technology sequence in Washington, DC. After returning home, he was promoted to Deputy Manager and was assigned a new post as Officer in Charge for Nepal Telecom.

Henry Lugasira (Uganda) 2010 Alumnus: Mr. Lugasira atended the 2010 Telemedicine training sequence in Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA. After returning to Uganda, Mr. Lugasira helped design and implement a emergency communication line for local community members to contact and coordinate with health care providers to combat HIV/AIDS and the growing orphanage crisis that results from these diseases. There is still much work to do, but Mr. Lugasira and his team are laying the foundation for positive developments in Sub-Sahara Africa. Keep up the good work, Henry!

Congratulations to our alumni for their recent successes. Please continue to keep us updated on how USTTI's tuition-free training helped your career progress by sending any career updates to USTTI Curriculum Director, Jim O'Connor, at joconnor@ustti.org.


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