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March 8, 2002

Look below to see what is happening to your fellow USTTI alumni around the world! Please be sure to email or fax us with the latest developments in your careers, families or countries and we will be sure to post them regularly. (Email Kelly O'Keefe at kokeefe@ustti.org or fax to 202-785-1930.)

Amr Aljowaily, Egypt (M1-103, M1-104, M1-203)
Amr had previously been working for the Egyptian Embassy and has now returned to his position as Second Secretary at the International Economic Relations Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to this, he has joined, as a part time basis, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as the Coordinator for International Relations.

George Nkusi, Rwanda (M1-219, M1-223, M1-226)
George attended Cisco Systems' intensive Internet training this past fall and has returned to Rwanda to put his knowledge to work on a new project at Rwandatel, where he is a System Administrator. He and his colleagues are presently setting up the first National Back-bone infrastructure for the Internet. He says that it will be of great pleasure to see that they are now linked nationwide!

Apollo Knights, St. Vincent & the Grenadines (K2-103, M1-103, M1-104, M1-105)
Apollo has recently been appointed Director of Telecommunications with St. Vincent and the Grenadines' new regulatory body, the National Telecom Regulatory Commission (NTRC). He is involved with the implementation of decisions and directives of the Commission, coordinating NTRC activities and policies with the Eastern Caribbean Telecom Authority (ECTEL) and other regional and international bodies, and providing managerial leadership to and exercise supervision of the NTRC staff, with respect to administrative matters, regulatory policy and procedures, licensing, complaints, dispute resolution and spectrum management, etc.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is among five countries (also St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada and St. Kitts & Nevis) in the Eastern Caribbean that have recently setup similar Telecom Acts in 2001, with NTRCs and a regional regulatory body ECTEL, that will regulate a liberalized Telecom sector in the five independent countries. They have already issued new ISP licenses in February 2002 and are currently in the process of issuing two new licenses for Cellular/Mobile services for operation in these five countries.

Doru Dumitru, Romania (Courses: M1-224, M1-227, M2-228)
Doru, Manager for Corporate Control and Organization at ProTV in Romania, has been involved in the telecom and broadcasting sectors for many years. He is bringing that experience, and what he learned last year in three USTTI television broadcasting programs, to work on future developments in the Romanian telecom market. He recently participated in a conference in Bucharest regarding the liberalization and full deregulation of the telecom services in Romania (effective, Jan. 1, 2003) - the end of 75 years of the state monopoly in basic telecom services in Romania! Beginning June 14th, a plan allowing new players to enter the market. It sounds like an exciting time in the telecom sector in Romania, and we are glad that USTTI alumni are participating in these changes!

Ronald Kennedy, Barbados (88-108, 91-107, 97-110, K2-103, K2-106, K2-110)
In similar news, Ronald has risen to the position of Telecommunications Officer I, a position he has held since December 2000. Barbados is in the process of ending the monopoly with Cable & Wireless. On July 31, 2003, they will head towards a competitive market. His USTTI management training gave him the knowledge to apply to this transition.

Frat Quintero Pardo, Colombia (K2-311, K2-317, K2-321)
Frat works as an Electrical Engineer in the Ministry of Communications in Colombia. He emailed the other day with exciting developments in the telecom sector in his country. They are considering and discussing the "Colombian Telecommunications Law Project." The main purpose of the project is to reunite all of the dispersed and diffused regulations and laws that are on the books in order to open their telecommunications services worldwide and to offer a general protection to the users of these services.

Wondimu Girma, Ethiopia (M2-121)
Wondimu is the head of the Ethiopian Telecom Training Institute (ETTI) with the Ethiopian Telecom Corporation. ETTI uses distance learning technologies as a supplementary instructional method to more traditional methods. Additionally, he and several colleagues just finished a business plan to expand the national cellular service from 30,000 to 500,000 in the coming five years. He has been working as the coordinator of the study team - a very exciting experience!


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