James O’Connor Chairman and CEO, USTTI
Michael R. Gardner Chairman Emeritus, USTTI
Adiel Akplogan Vice-President Technical Engagement, ICANN
Stephen C. Anderson Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Communications and Information Policy Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Rebecca Arbogast Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy, Comcast NBCUniversal
Donna Bethea-Murphy Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory, Inmarsat
Jared M. Carlson Vice President, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Ericsson
James Filippatos Vice President, Global Public Policy, The Walt Disney Company
Renee Gregory Senior Regulatory Advisor, Google LLC.
Navid C. Haghighi General Counsel, International Operations, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Verizon Communications
Eric Kaled President, Corporate Executive, SPX Communication Technologies
Doug Kinkoph Associate Administrator, NTIA, Office Of Telecommunications And Information Applications, Performing The Non-Exclusive Functions And Duties Of The Assistant Secretary Of Commerce For Communications And Information, U.S. Department of Commerce
Paul Mitchell Senior Director, Internet, Microsoft Corporation
Robert Pepper Head, Global Connectivity Policy and Planning, Facebook
Ruth Pritchard-Kelly Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Worldvu Development LLC, OneWeb
Andrew Reinsdorf Senior Vice President, International Public Affairs & Warner Media Government Relations AT&T Services, Inc.
Jessica Rosenworcel Acting Chairwoman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Honorable Harrison H. Schmitt, PhD Aerospace Consultant and Director, Former U.S. Senator and Astronaut
Steve Sharkey Vice President, Government Affairs Engineering and Technology Policy, T-Mobile
Jayne Stancavage Executive Director of Communications Policy, Intel Corporation
Ravi Suchak Vice President, Public Affairs – EMEA, American Tower Corporation
Andrew Sullivan President and CEO, Internet Society (ISOC)
Nate Tibbits Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Qualcomm Incorporated
Julie Zoller Head of Global Regulatory Affairs for Project Kuiper, Amazon