Applicant Information


1. Applicant Information
2. How to Apply
3. Selection Process
4. Funding Process
5. Participant Expenses
6. Visa Information
7. Travel Arrangements
8. Important Considerations Before Submitting Your Application
9. USTTI Policies for Participants

Applicant Information

Who Should Apply

ICT (Information Communication Technology) officials; entrepreneurs; wireless, satellite, telehealth, emergency communications and broadcast professionals who are proficient in English and employed in the public or private sector of a developing country are encouraged to apply for USTTI training. While substantial practical experience in a country’s communications infrastructure is required for all training, a post‑secondary education and/or university degree in telecommunications, broadcasting, management, engineering, or electronics is also beneficial.

Educational background, professional experience, achievements, and current job responsibilities must be clearly described in the “Current Position and Work Experience” section of USTTI’s Application for Training. Additionally, candidates should focus on the “Applicant Training Goals” section of the application, as this section is critically reviewed by our course sponsors.

How to Apply

Those interested in applying for US-based training should do so via the USTTI web site, Applying online guarantees the quickest processing time. PLEASE NOTE: Due to lengthy visa requirements, USTTI urges applicants to submit applications at least twelve weeks before the beginning of their first desired course. Applications received after the twelve week deadline will still be considered, but are less likely to result in acceptance.

Applicants are reminded that their USTTI application must be fully completed and include current office, and mobile phone numbers, at least one valid e-mail address, and contact information for two relatives living in their home country as well as any residing in the United States, if applicable. Incomplete applications may not be considered. For those applying via fax or mail, applications should be typed.

Applicants should carefully review the course descriptions provided in the catalog and apply selectively for only those courses that are most appropriate to their experience, responsibilities and goals. Applicants should take special notice of the available course sequences, which provide an opportunity to maximize the training experience by attending several consecutive courses.

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Selection Process

The acceptance procedure for US-based courses is a collaborative effort between the USTTI and its training partners, with the final acceptance decisions made by course sponsors. Sponsors review each application and select only the most qualified candidates. Selection criteria include: professional qualifications, suitability for the course, thoroughness in completing the application, and most importantly, goals for participating in USTTI training. Applicants must clearly demonstrate in their “Applicant Training Goals” essay how their participation would benefit their company or organization, what leadership role they might assume upon completion of training, and how they envision implementing the training upon returning home.

If accepted for training, applicants will be notified by the USTTI via an official e-mail at least 12 weeks prior to the start of training. Applicants may be accepted to one or all of the courses to which they apply, depending upon the number of training slots available, applicant qualifications, and course focus. Participation in USTTI training is not guaranteed until accepted applicants confirm their attendance and their funding source via e-mail or fax, secure a U.S. entry visa (if necessary), and provide their purchased travel itinerary to the appropriate Curriculum Coordinator.

Funding Process

Applicants should seek funding from their employers for their international and domestic U.S. travel and for their living expenses during USTTI training. If employer funding is unavailable, or only partially available, applicants are encouraged to secure sponsorship from international organizations that recognize the importance of USTTI training, such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), The World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Organization of American States (OAS CITEL). The USTTI will attempt to help qualified applicants for whom no other funding sources for travel and subsistence are available. However, USTTI funding is extremely limited and therefore not guaranteed. As such, applicants are much more likely to attend training if they secure all of their travel and living expenses.

Participant Expenses

The recommended subsistence rate for shared housing, meals and miscellaneous expenses for participants attending US-based USTTI training is approximately US $120.00 per day, although this amount may be greater or less at certain training locations due to varying hotel costs. This rate covers only the cost of meals and a shared hotel room in USTTI‑designated hotels. This figure does not cover single occupancy rooms or personal expenses such as hotel services and souvenirs.

Visa Information

Due to significant changes in U.S. visa regulations, USTTI urges all applicants to consult the U.S. Embassy website in your home country (a complete list of U.S. Embassies and Consulates can be found at or contact the U.S. Consulate directly to determine specific application requirements, fees, interview procedures, and deadlines before applying. It can take up to four (4) months in some countries to secure a visa appointment. Therefore, we recommend applicants begin the visa process immediately after submitting course applications to USTTI to ensure sufficient time for filing necessary documents. It is essential that all USTTI applicants possess passports that will be valid for at least six (6) months after the conclusion of training; otherwise the U.S. Embassy has been instructed not to issue an entry Visa.

Travel Arrangements

In order to avoid confusion and disruption during USTTI orientation and training, USTTI scholars must send a copy of their final air travel itinerary for ALL required travel to their USTTI Curriculum Coordinator before arriving in the U.S. It is also necessary that all international and U.S. domestic airline reservations be made in accordance with the dates provided in USTTI acceptance information. Last-minute ticket purchases and itinerary changes are expensive and may not be possible. Moreover, the USTTI cannot finalize participant hotel arrangements until receiving your final flight itinerary.

Important Considerations Before Submitting Your Application

  • Have you reviewed the course sequence information?
  • Is your passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of the last training course to which you applied?
  • Have you consulted the web site of the U.S. Consulate in your country to determine U.S. entry visa requirements and procedures?
  • Have you visited the USTTI web site ( to review the online application procedures?
  • Is your application complete, including valid e-mail addresses, office and mobile phone numbers, passport details, supervisor contact information, and contact information for relatives in your country as well as the U.S.?

USTTI Policies for Participants

Participants in USTTI training must adhere to the USTTI’s policies, which cannot be waived without written authorization from a professional member of the USTTI staff. The most important requirements are:

  • USTTI Scholars must attend orientation in Washington, DC, even if the participant is a former USTTI graduate.
  • USTTI Scholars must stay in the hotels designated by the USTTI. There are no exceptions.
  • Spouses and/or family members may not accompany USTTI Scholars during training.
  • USTTI Scholars must be prepared to pay their hotel room charge in full at time of check-in. All incidental expenses, such as telephone calls, movies, or room service, are the sole responsibility of each individual USTTI Scholar, regardless of any sponsorship.
  • Since USTTI training is offered only in English, participants must have a functional proficiency in English.
    USTTI Scholars must attend all classes unless excused by the training staff for health or emergency reasons.
    During orientation, each USTTI Scholar must pay an insurance and administrative fee of US$150 for the first course/week of training and US$75 for each additional course/week of training. This fee is mandatory since the USTTI is required to insure all USTTI Scholars regardless of a Scholar’s individual coverage under a personal or company insurance policy. This insurance does not cover dental care, eye care, prescriptions, or pre-existing conditions.
  • To avoid any disruption to the USTTI admission process, applicants for USTTI training may not contact course sponsors regarding acceptance or funding decisions.

Failure to adhere to any of these requirements will result in a participant’s immediate dismissal from training.

In addition to the previously listed requirements, USTTI has instituted a revised attendance policy which will apply to all participants:

For purposes of attendance, the USTTI considers an individual “confirmed” for a particular training course once he or she has submitted the following documentation to a USTTI Curriculum Coordinator:

  • Valid passport information page;
  • Employer authorization letter;
  • Funding Commitment form signed by the individual or organization providing funding;
  • Valid US entry visa; and
  • Final flight itinerary.

Once an individual is confirmed for training, failure to attend training without an official employer letter stating the professional crisis preventing participation will result in the following penalties:

  • The confirmed individual will be barred from participating in USTTI training for a period of three (3) years; and
  • The individual’s organization will be barred from sending employees for USTTI training for a period of one (1) year.

This revised attendance policy is intended to limit the number of last-minute participant cancellations for training, which unfairly deprive other willing applicants an opportunity to benefit from USTTI training.