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2004 Training Year Concludes
December 8, 2004

Congratulations to our Final Graduates of 2004!

On November 16th, USTTI Curriculum Coordinators Kelly O’Keefe and Francesca Tripodi traveled to San Jose, California to honor the graduation of 21 network engineers from Cisco Systems Inc.’s most recent course “IP Network Security Workshop.” During a formal dinner ceremony, Ms. O’Keefe, along with Cisco’s Director of Consulting Engineering, Chris Lonvick, presented graduation certificates to the group, most of whom had spent a total of three weeks working closely with Cisco’s engineers on intensive IP training. The graduates – who join 203 additional women and men who have successfully completed USTTI-Cisco training – have now returned home to their 14 different countries to share what they learned with their colleagues.

2004 Training Year Concludes

In 2004, the USTTI received a record-breaking 11,325 applications from individuals in 131 countries - a 30% increase in applications over the previous record. We would like to thank each individual who expressed an interest in our curriculum by applying in 2004, and applaud the Class of 2004's 288 exceptional officials in 94 countries. If you were unable to attend training in 2004, we strongly urge you to apply again in 2005, as many of our alumni applied numerous times before participating in training.

USTTI Alumni Contact Information Updates

It is important for USTTI to be able to update alumni on USTTI news, events, and any special initiatives. In order to ensure that all USTTI alumni remain informed, we request that you let us know of any job, address, or e-mail changes that may have taken place after your USTTI training experience. Send any changes, along with your full name and graduation year, to: train@ustti.org

2005 Course Catalog and Annual Report

Get ready for another year! The USTTI team has been working with our sponsors to finalize our 2005 course curriculum – and we are on schedule to post the new courses on the USTTI web site by December 15, 2004. Please be sure to review the updated course information online and look in your mailboxes starting in January for your copy of the 2005 USTTI Course Catalog and Annual Report. As many of you discovered this year, United States entry visas can take several months to procure, so please be sure to apply as early as possible – and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

A USTTI Wedding

Congratulations to Ms. Reenu Mool and Mr. Simon Shretha, who were married on December 4 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Reenu is a 2003 graduate of Voice of America's "New Technologies in Broadcasting" course, and Simon received training in 2002 from Boeing, Intelsat, and PanAmSat in the USTTI's satellite technology sequence. While the USTTI cannot take credit for the love connection (Reenu and Simon both work for the Space Time Network in Nepal), we like to think that the similar training experiences they shared played some small part in their coming together. We wish them happiness, health, and prosperity in their marriage!

Four More Years

On November 3, John Kerry conceded defeat and George W. Bush secured his re-election as President of the United States. Bush won nearly the same states that he did in 2000, losing New Hampshire but gaining New Mexico and Iowa. Bush also won a clear victory in the popular vote, attracting 51% of all votes cast to Kerry’s 48%. While early exit polls seemed to foretell a Kerry victory, massive Republican turnout apparently turned the tide for President Bush. As expected, the election was extremely close despite Bush’s clear victory in the popular vote. If Kerry had won just 200,000 more votes in Ohio, a large swing state, he would have won the state, a majority in the Electoral College, and thus, the presidency.


In 1621, the Pilgrims started the tradition of Thanksgiving as they celebrated a rich harvest and gave thanks to the Native Americans who taught them how to survive in a new land. Today Thanksgiving is a national holiday, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways, but a typical meal on that day includes turkey, stuffing (breadcrumbs “stuffed” inside the turkey as it bakes), mashed potatoes, corn, and cranberry sauce. Some of the more common traditions on this holiday include traveling home to spend time with family and friends, watching American football and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, and giving thanks for good fortune.

USTTI Chat Room

Aboubacar Kourouma, a Technical Manger with AFRIPA Telecom Guinea and a 2004 USTTI graduate of the satellite technology course sequence, has started an online discussion group to keep in touch with fellow participants and to exchange ideas and opinions. Special thanks go to Mr. Kourouma for his efforts to continue to share the knowledge and experiences of training with officials from around the world.


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