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At the conclusion of each course, sponsors typically hold a special ceremony commending graduates on their achievements during training. Through the 2016 training year, the USTTI has graduated 9,519 women and men who are working to bring modern communications to 171 countries around the world.


USTTI scholars from Albania, Barbados, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Malawi, Nepal, Tanzania and Tunisia participated in The Internet Society's (ISOC) very popular course "Introduction to the Internet: Sustainable Infrastructure Development - Connectivity, Community, Capacity Building and the Policies that Support Them." The course discusses the realities of deploying Internet exchange points and community wireless projects. Shown front row center in the group photo is Jane Coffin, ISOC's Director of Development Strategy. ISOC has been a USTTI Board member since 2008 and has graduated 230 women and men. Internet Society, President Kathy Brown represents ISOC on the USTTI Board of Directors.


USTTI Scholars from Albania, Barbados, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Malawi and Tunisia pose with Amanda Craig, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist for Microsoft. (5th from left) at the conclusion of an intensive training addressing the development of National Cybersecuity Policy. Course discussions addressed the elements of effective strategies and the processes for organizing risk identification, assessments and management. Microsoft is represented on the USTTI Board of Directors by Paul Mitchell, General Manager for Telecom and Internet Governance.


AT&T, a founding Board Member of the USTTI in 1982, conducted training for ICT officials at its Bedminster, New Jersey Global Network Operation Center. USTTI scholars from Brazil, Ghana, Honduras, Jamaica, Nigeria, Philippines and Senegal participated in the intensive program offered by AT&T that focused on the network management of multiple subsea case systems. Since 1982, AT&T has provided tuition-free training to 901 women and men from the developing world. AT&T is represented by Eric Loeb, Senior Vice President, International External and Regulatory Affairs (back row, first from right), who represents AT&T on the USTTI board of Directors. Standing next to Eric is Jason Olson, Director, International External Affairs, AT&T (second row, first from right).


Anastacio Ramos, Director for International Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs with Verizon communications poses with ten USTTI scholars during Verizon's "Fostering the Deployment of Broadband Networks and Converged Services" course. Since 2000, Verizon's highly popular training courses have empowered 271 developing country leaders. Verizon is represented on the USTTI Board of Directors by Jackie Ruff, Verizon's Vice President for International Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs.


In 2016, USTTI scholars from Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestine, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago, The United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Vietnam attended Ericsson's course Mobile Broadband: Empowering People, Business and Society. Conducted at Ericsson's, Plano, Texas facility the training course integrates classroom discussions, case studies, and practical applications for officials to gain a greater understanding of how mobile broadband can benefit a society. Pictured with USTTI scholars is USTTI Board Member, Jared Carlson (far left), Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy for Ericsson.


QUALCOMM's, USTTI Board Member Tom Wasilewski (kneeling, center) Vice President for Government Affairs, joins USTTI scholars from Brazil, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, The United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Vietnam at the conclusion of Qualcomm's one week training course in San Diego, California. In 2017, Qualcomm's tuition-free USTTI training course will address 5G and the Mobile Broadband ecosystem.


USTTI scholars from Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, The Gambia, Georgia, Honduras, Jordan, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, South Sudan, Tunisia and Vietnam participated in Inmarsat's training course Satellite Services and Disaster Response. Since joining the USTTI board in 2009, Inmarsat's training has empowered 279 developing country leaders. Inmarsat is represented on the USTTI Board by Donna Bethea-Murphy, Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory, Inmarsat, Inc (second row, second from right).


Seventeen USTTI scholars participated in Intelsat's tuition-free training, Satellite Communications Primer, where they gained a better understanding of the technical and regulatory issues associated with satellite communications and services. Since joining USTTI board in 2005, Intelsat has graduated 412 USTTI scholars. Intelsat is actively represented on the USTTI Board by Gonzalo de Dios, Associate General Counsel, Intelsat, Corporation.


Twenty USTTI scholars took a momentary pause for a group photo during USTTI's training at TCI headquarters in Freemont, CA. During the weeklong training program, TCI conducts classroom and hands-on activities to provide scholars with a practical overview of spectrum management and monitoring techniques. For 20 years TCI has been providing tuition free training for USTTI scholars, graduating 241 developing country ICT officials. J.B. Ballard, President, SPX Communication Technologies, parent company of TCI, represents SPX on the USTTI Board of Directors.

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