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2008 Catalog Photos
For the past twenty-five years the USTTI has strived to empower women throughout the developing world. Each year we have seen an increase in the number of female applicants but have never had a class where women outnumbered men. That barrier was broken in July 2007 when there were more women than men attending Verizon's "Managing Effectively in the Changing Telecommunications Environment." The nine women, shown above, who attended Verizon course have returned home and are now providing enlightened leadership in the ICT space.
Mrs. Kumba Toure (center) accepts the USTTI Chairman's Award on behalf of her husband, ITU Secretary General, Hamadoun Toure, who was honored for his enlightened and tenacious leadership to make modern communications a reality for all citizens of the developing world. Presenting the award to Mrs. Toure are USTTI Chairman, Ambassador Michael R. Gardner (left), and Ambassador Richard M. Russell, U.S. Representative to the 2007 World Radio Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.
USTTI Chairman Ambassador Michael R. Gardner (left) presents the 2007 Chairman's Award for outstanding federal service in support of the USTTI to Laura Samotshozo (center), Information Technology Project Manager, United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Along with countless colleagues from USAID, Ms. Samotshozo has provided tenacious support to the USTTI, facilitating the USTTI's outreach into some of the most remote areas of the developing world. Joining Ambassador Gardner for the presentation is Ms. Jacqueline E. Schafer (right) Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture & Trade (EGAT). Juan Belt, Director, Office of Infrastructure and Engineering, Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, & Trade (EGAT) represents USAID on the USTTI Board.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Secretary General, Hamadoun Toure, (2nd from left) addresses members of the USTTI Board of Directors during his first visit to the United States as Secretary General. Later in 2007, Secretary General Toure was awarded the Chairman's Award for his outstanding efforts to close the digital divide throughout the developing world. Shown above with Secretary General Toure are Ambassador David Gross (left), U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy at the U.S. State Department, USTTI Chairman Ambassador Michael R. Gardner (2nd from right) and Meredith Baker, Acting NTIA Administrator(far right). Ambassador Gross represents the State Department and Acting Administrator Baker is NTIA's representative on the USTTI Board.

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell explains how the Commission functions to senior officials attending the USTTI's e-Government Seminar. 16 Scholars from Bhutan, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominica, Kenya, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Papa New Guinea, Uganda, Uzbekistan and Zambia attended two weeks of briefings pertaining to the development of strategies and policies for the implementation of e-Government programs. All the current FCC Commissioners have served as volunteer "USTTI Professors" sharing their views on policy and explaining the important role that an independent Commission plays in promoting consumer benefits and the free flow of information.

Federal Communications Commissioner Deborah Tate discusses key issues with 18 officials during the 2007 Telecom/IT Policy and Regulation Sequence. Commissioner Tate is a popular guest lecturer at the USTTI as are her fellow colleagues on the Commission, Commissioner Michael Copps, Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and Commissioner Robert McDowell. Chairman Kevin Martin is an active supporter and represents FCC on the USTTI Board of Directors. Over the 25 year history of the USTTI, FCC Commissioners have served as "volunteer professors," providing valuable insights for countless USTTI scholars who are now serving as Commissioners themselves on independent regulatory bodies throughout the development world.

Jacqueline E. Schafer Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) briefs Senior Level Communications officials during the USTTI/USAID Rural Connectivity Seminar. In 2007, the USTTI teamed-up with USAID to host senior level officials from Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam in a course that focused on connectivity opportunities for the challenging last mile in each of their countries. Juan Belt, Director Office of Infrastructure and Engineering, Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, & Trade (EGAT) represents USAID on the USTTI Board.

In 2007 Intel Corporation empowered 40 individuals from 29 developing countries through their tuition-free course offerings. USTTI scholars (above) take a break from their intensive hands-on-training to pose for a photograph with Intel's expert trainers, outside of Intel's world headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Intel is represented on the USTTI Board of Directors by Peter Pitsch, Executive Director, Communications Policy, Associate General Counsel.
Eighteen Senior Regulators from twelve developing countries take a break from the intense Regulatory and Privatization Course sponsored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In 2007, the FCC officials from throughout the FCC offered six courses which graduated 63 women and men from 34 countries. The FCC, a founding Board member of the USTTI, has conducted 115 courses, graduating 913 women and men from 141 countries. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin represents the FCC on the USTTI's Board of Directors.
Seventeen USTTI scholars pose for a photo with Alcatel-Lucent trainer, Carmen Fernandez (sixth from right), during Alcatel-Lucent's course, "Introduction to the IP and Multimedia Subsystem." Since 1997, Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with the USTTI to provide tuition free training for 125 women and men throughout the developing world. Michael McMenamin, Senior Manager for Global Government Affairs, serves as Alcatel-Lucent's representative on the USTTI Board of Directors.
Graduates of Intelsat's, "Satellite Communications Primer," take a break from training at Intelsat's Operations center in Ellenwood, GA. Since 1990, Intelsat Global Service Corporation has offered a total of 17 courses, graduating 236 women and men from 81 developing nations. Intelsat is represented on the USTTI Board of Directors by their Vice President and General Counsel Kalpak Gude (fifth from the right).
USTTI Scholars celebrate the completion of this year's "Radio and TV Studio Design, Operation and Management" Training offered by Voice of America. This year, 340 broadcasters and broadcast engineers applied for VOA's two training courses taught by Ms Sandra Stewart, VOA's Program Planning and Development Officer(fourth from the right) and Dr. Gerald Berman, past president of the IEEE/BTS(far right). Since 1984, VOA has offered 33 tuition-free courses which have empowered broadcasters and broadcast engineers from 79 developing countries. Also, joining the group for Graduation was USTTI Curriculum Coordinator Janet Cerbo. (far left)
This year 43 women and men from thirty developing countries graduated from QUALCOMM's intensive training courses. Above, USTTI graduates from QUALCOMM's Mobile Broadband course, in San Diego, California, pose for a post graduation photo. Since 2004, QUALCOMM Incorporated has conducted 19 cutting edge courses and graduated 249 USTTI scholars who are now knowledgeable about the most advanced wireless technology. QUALCOMM is represented on the USTTI Board of Directors by Sean Murphy, Vice President & Counsel International Government Affairs.
USTTI scholars from Africa, South America and the Caribbean take a break from VeriSign's course DNS and Related Internet Technologies to pose for a picture with volunteer professor Matt Larson (fourth from the left). In 2007, VeriSign provided training detailing the most cutting edge Internet security to 24 individuals from 21 developing countries. VeriSign in represented on the USTTI Board of Directors by Shane Tews, Senior Washington Representative.
Fifteen USTTI scholars from nine developing countries gather for a photo during a break in the NTIA's, "Radio Frequency Management," course. During two weeks of rigorous training, the NTIA's spectrum experts helped USTTI scholars better appreciate the latest principles and policies available for the most efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum. NTIA has graduated 483 USTTI scholars from 119 countries over the past 25 years. NTIA is represented on the USTTI Board by Acting Administrator Meredith Baker.
Eighteen USTTI Scholars take a break from the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)'s course "Key Trends in the Evolution of the Public Network: A Managerial Perspective," to visit the birthplace of HP - the Garage. Since 1993, Hewlett-Packard has sponsored 17 tuition-free training courses which have empowered 272 women and men. Kenneth Myers, HP's Planning and Operations Manager for Network & Service Providers (far right) works each year to develop a rigorous but enjoyable week of training. The Hewlett-Packard Company's Vice President and General Manager for Communications Media and Entertainment Business Unit, Sebastiano Tevaritto represents HP on the USTTI Board of Directors.
Eighteen USTTI Scholars from 15 developing nations take a break from Cisco System's popular training course, "Internet Provider Design Seminar and Backbone Routing Protocol Workshop." Pictured with the USTTI Scholars are members of Cisco's Consulting Engineering team, Hank Mauldin (Back row, third from left), Earl Carter (Back row, fifth from left) and (Back row, sixth from left) Cisco's Program Manager, Rose Mary Ramirez.
USTTI Scholars take a break from Bechtel Communications course, "Building Mobile Wireless Networks." In 2007, Bechtel's Steve Tryer(far right), Manager of Site Development and Engineering, provided valuable training for 17 women and men from the developing world. Bechtel has served on the USTTI Board of Directors since 2004 and is currently represented on the Board by James F. X. Payne, President, Bechtel Federal Telecoms.
Members of the USTTI Board of Directors and representatives from the FCC joined USTTI scholars for a roundtable discussion focusing on "Regulatory and Privatization Issues in Telecommunications." Pictured here are Richard Nohe, BT Global Services; Board Member Frank Weaver, The Boeing Company; Barbara Cutts, FCC; Frank Urbany, retired Vice President, BellSouth Corporation; David Roberts, FCC; Board Member Dr. Robert Pepper, Cisco Systems, Inc.; Ann Bushmiller, FCC; Julius Knapp, FCC; Tom Tycz, Senior Policy Advisor, law firm of Goldberg, Godles, Wiener & Wright; Roundtable Moderator, Rudy Baca of the law firm Rini Coran PC; Laura Samotshozo, USAID; William Lane, FCC; and Gonzalo de Dios, Intelsat.
Organization of American States/Inter American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) Executive Secretary Clovis Baptista (fourth from the left) visits with seven USTTI/CITEL scholars who attended the Internet Security Training Sequence. Each year CITEL contributes vital funding and subsistence support which allows the most promising telecommunications/ICT professionals from the Caribbean and South American regions to attend training.



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