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February 7, 2007
Online Forum with USTTI Staff
To kick off the 2007 training year, Curriculum Director Brian T. McCloskey and Curriculum Coordinator William Linnoila will be online to answer your questions from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST) on Wednesday, February 7, 2007. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Mohammed Khalfan Amour from HuaZhong Univ of Science & Tech.(HUST) WUHAN-CHINA
I was able to get scholarship through USAID TZ in 2005 and attend USTTI course from 25april,2005-06may,2005 at DC and QUALCOMM california the course was abt 3G WIRELESS BROADBAND and CDMA generally,by the mean time am here at china doing my master in telecoms and info.system engineering,again i apply for the BROADBAND MOBILE in this year USTTI coz my final final thesis is all abt RoF MOBILE BROADBAND COMMUNICATION so is it possible to get another SCHOLARSHIP thru ur USAID tz keeps in mind that am here in china.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
This officially concludes USTTI's first web forum of 2007. We would like to thank all of you for your participation and insightful inquiries.

If you have any follow-up questions, please email them to us at train@ustti.org.

-I would like to know about the school fees.
-The earea where the course will be done(State and city).
-The period course.
-About visa and Air ticket.
-Other conditions the course and trip are recquired.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Please refer to our website at www.ustti.org for your questions regarding the course schedule, locations, fees, visa and travel. Should there be any other questions left unanswered, feel free to send us your specific question at train@ustti.org.

Getu Cherinet
I am very interested to participate on the Broadcast trainings which are focused specially on Tv production but I have a difficulties with funding and I want You tell me how could I avoid this problem.

Thank You

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Please see the response to MWILA A.C. from Zambia. One of the keys to avoiding these problems is applying early and providing a completed application.

Gabriel Despitch Allieu, from Sierra Leone

1. we need you guys on the ground of sierra Leone in oder to boost our telecommunication and more over to reduce cost on your side

2. To take more people from sierra leone as we are just coming from war werein everything is just coming up as to speed our link to international level

3. To creat some of your training centre in Sierra Leone


William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Please see the response to Michael Rujumba’s question regarding in country training. We do not usually offer it because of its expense, and it would require us to cut back on our current course offerings. In reponse to your other question we encourage people to apply from Sierra Leon.


Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
Please refer to the answer given to Akinkuowo Temitope / Nigeria.

Thank you.

Francis Rwang Pam, Lagos - Nigeria
There are some related courses that run back to back and in different locations, example: satellite courses M7-309 and M7-310. Satellite communications primer (M7-309) terminates in Ellenwood, GA on the 28th of september 2007 while commercial satellite communication applications orientation is same 28th of september 2007 in El Segundo, CA. Asumming I am admitted for the two courses, how do I meet up with the orientation at El Segundo as this is compulsary?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Yes, orientation in DC is compulsary and it usually takes half day only so if there's a course starting the next day, students can fly in the afternoon or early evening.

Dr. Jaime O. Martinez, Jr., Philippines
May I know please how do you select delegates in telemedicine? This is infact my third try, I started applying since I was a post graduate medical intern (2005). I found a hard time to qualify on this very interesting training for me.Hope this time you will give me chance. Thank you so much.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
All USTTI applicants are selected in the same manner, which is detailed at http://ustti.org/application/.

How Can I Shall Select For This Training ?

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
To be selected to attend USTTI training, you must first complete the USTTI's application for training, which is available online at http://ustti.org/courses/apply.php3 or can be found at the back of our printed catalog. Additional information on the application process can be found at http://ustti.org/application/.

Carla Alessandrini - Argentina
Dear Director Brian McCloskey and Coordinator William Linnoila,
I will like to participate in the course M7 210 (Regulatory And Privaization Issues in Telecomunications)therefore I will appriciate to know the procedure I need to follow to apply as well as if there are any financial help to afford the costs associated with training?
Sincerally, Carla

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Please refer to the applicant information section of our website http://ustti.org/application/, which contains detailed information about who should apply for USTTI training, how to apply and many other questions you may have regarding your potential participation in USTTI training courses.

Due to limited USTTI funds, there's no guarantee that we could help you financially. We suggest that you apply early so in case you are accepted in a course, we will have enough time to process a J1 visa which is a requirement for those who needs funding.


William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Funding from the USTTI is very limited, we encourage you to exhaust all other options for funding before seeking funding from the USTTI. You are more likely to receive funding from the USTTI if you can provide for some portion of the cost of you own, ie. airfare. This being said, there several key factors to consider with USTTI funding, first you must apply for a course early, to give the USTIT enough time to process your application and submit a formal funding request. Second, we require a valid copy of your passport, this copy must be valid for six months after the final date of training. Lastly make sure that it is clearly stated on your application or in your response to an acceptance for course; what costs you can cover and what costs you a requesting be covered. Also, please keep in mind that USTTI funding is very limited, and relying on it to attend training may make attending a little more difficult.

Jason Mwanza / Zambia
Goodmorning, I would really want to know the mode used for selection. i have applied for the ustti programs for several times but i have never been given a chance. I however feel am qualified for the courses i apply for and i do it on time. you can check your database for reference. I have been applying for three consective years.

Please advise.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
Please refer to the applicant information section of our website http://ustti.org/application/, which contains detailed information about who should apply for USTTI training, how to apply and many other questions you may have regarding your potential participation in USTTI training courses.

Again, when applying, we cannot stress enough the importance of the applicant training goals section, which is used by many of our trainers to determine who is accepted to training.

It may take several years of applying before being accepted to training but if you do not apply, you cannot be accepted.

Chalwe Mathews-Zambia
How long does it take for one to know if the application was successful and whether sponsorship will be available?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
We normally inform accepted applicants 10 weeks before the course begins. This 10 week period should give us enough time to process a J1 visa in case an applicant tells us that he/she needs funding.

Ram Chandra Giri - Nepal
1. May I know How Many students can take the training at the same time and same course?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
USTTI trainings offer different number of slots, ranging from one to 20. For a 20 slot course, we try to limit accepting more than 2 students per country.

Mory Konate Guinea
I would like to know when M7-127 course will take place.Also, what ''TBA'' means?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
TBA means "To be arranged". The course sponsors can not give us the definite schedule ahead of time that's why we had to put TBA in the Course Catalog. We suggest that you apply in all 3 Fiber-Optic courses so we may consider your application once we get the schedule of any of the 3 Fiber Optic courses.

Mr.Shohmuhammad Goibov from Tajikistan
Is it possible in close future to provide wireless Internet in Tajikistan? (for example TK Mobile Tajik-Chinese mobile Co. has wireless Internet but its by help of mobile phone which connected to PC by usb cable wich I configure it to subscribers except my other works and also by modem which has UIM-card slot and we need to insert UIM-card in UIM-card slot and this number ofcourse should be connected to Internet services, this modems is only for laptops difference between mobile phone Internet and modem internet consists on High speed , TK Mobile Internet speed by usb and mobile phone is 115.20 and by modem that is intended for laptops speed is 230.40)But I heard that in USA u have some other wireless Internet services that subscribers can use it without any mobile phone and without any modem, also I saw some people who returned from USA they have had pocket computer and they also told me about such wireless Internet services but I have no any exact information about this because I heard about it but never used so if you have any exact information about it Let me know about it, please!
Daily I install and configure Internet for subscriber who are chinese and their windows also in chinese and instructions in chinese, I don't know chinese language but I can do it chinese subscriber who talks a little bit in English because English Language is the biggest Bridge between people thay can solve many and very important problems every seconds!

Billing Engineer
TK Mobile Co.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
I would suggest that you review our course offerings at our web site, we have several courses that relate to your question. One that comes to mind is our WiMAX course which is being offered by Intel. Please review our course offerings and find the one that is right for you, and apply.

Jeffery Samai, Sierra Leone
What modalites has the USTTI put in place for countries emanating from war to boost up their Human Resource technologically noting that these countries are far behind technologically

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
USTTI sponsors offer training in the laboratories and classrooms where leading edge technologies and policies are being developed. By getting trained on the technologies and policies of tomorrow, you are better able to identify which technologies and policies to adopt today. Many countries who were struggling to offer telephone access to their citizens via landlines have now "leapfrogged" and are able to offer connectivity via mobile services instead.

Dear Brian T. McCloskey and William Linnoila

I'm very grateful for the giving me opportunity to participare in this online discussion and it's very great honour for me!

I applied twice this year to USTTI because I my opinion is always go to ahead and never back and solve all of problems that faced to me daily very calmly and never panic about it, it's style of my life!
Questions: What kind of people can be choosed by USTTI in order to participate in shor-terms(several weeks) forum or conference that to be held in USA cities? I mean what kind of knowledge level must have these people?
What should I do in order I was choosen for this courses? because it's about more than 10 years that I'm trying to see USA by my own eyes, even I graduated University Foreign Languages Faculty (English-Russian) about 5 five years I studied in Tajikistan in order to learn English and in future maybe only this language can help me to see USA! It's my dream!

my e-mail address is here:shohmuhammad@mail.ru

I look forward to hearing from you!


William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Please refer to the applicant information section of our website http://ustti.org/application/, which contains detailed information about who should apply for USTTI training, how to apply and many other questions you may have regarding your potential participation in USTTI training courses.
Learning the English language will be very beneficial to you and to us as well once you are accepted in the courses you applied for.

Michael Rujumba, Uganda
Hi there, I find almost impossible to cut through the stiff competition of being one of the participants with your courses. I have read through some of your course curriculum and found them so much relevant to situations in Uganda. Why wouldn’t you have some affiliate colleges/Universities/Companies that would assist us at home just like you do it in the US?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
This is a question that we here very often at the USTTI. While we would love to travel to various countries and provide in country training, however; we are very lean and mean organization. We utilize all of the funding that we receive to provide our tuition-free training, and do not have enough funding to provide in country training because it is very costly. On top of this most of our training is being provided by our corporate and government sponsors at their training facilities, giving us access to the most state of the art training available, and this would be very hard and expensive for us to duplicate in other countries.

I will start by saying i am greatly humbled to be allowed to forward to you my most humble contribution(s).
1.USTTI through the American Embassies wherever they are, could request the foreign governments to make small contributions for their citezens who wish to go for these very important trainings.
2. Each one of us as a USTTI Alumni could forward names and addresses of the companies we work for and our regulators to you and you make formal requests to our organizations for possible funding. However small these contributions may be.
The same goes for the course content. Our telecom Companies should be better placed to forward their course requirements ( What their needs are for their Staff ) to USTTI for consideration.
thanks Again for the opportunity to contribute.

Barry Ezra Tindyebwa.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
1. We do our best to make embassies around the world aware of our training programs, and most are aware of the USTTI. This being said, we do not have a say in how these embassies spend their own funding.
2. This is a fantastic idea, however; again we can not influence how companies spend their own funding. We do however encourage companies, wherever possible and appropriate, to help support their employees who apply for training by providing airfare, subsistence, hotel, or all the costs associated with training because we strongly feel that they will see a return on this investment.

engr. kama k.o. nigeria
what are the requirements to be trained and supported.some to be trained, to enable train others in our country to march the recent techological growth in the world.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
Please refer to the applicant information section of our website http://ustti.org/application/, which contains detailed information about who should apply for USTTI training, how to apply and many other questions you may have regarding your potential participation in USTTI training courses.

Diana Omani Mensah, Ghana
The IT department of my company wants to use the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) processes to run our IT department. Am wondering if you could include ITIL courses in your future curriculum.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
Thank you for the suggestion, we will work to incorporate ITIL training in our 2008 training curriculum.

Fiona Batwala, Uganda
I have viewed the courses and I am inquiring if USTTI offers courses in telemedicine.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
Yes, USTTI offers telemedicine courses in October. Feel free to check our website for more details about these courses.

Talgat Seitkazin, Kazakhstan
I have applyed your training courses last week. In what period I can receive answear, and Do I have any chanses to take part in trainings beginning in March or April. I mean if my application is sent too late.

31 january 2007

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Feel free to apply for courses scheduled in March and April. Normally, we encourage everyone to apply 3 months before the course begins. This 3-month period gives us enough time to process a student visa in case the applicant is approved for funding.

Muyiwa .A. Ogundijo and Nigeria
The ICT industry in Nigeria has witnessed a spontaneous growth within the last six (6) years. With the evolution of various systems, solutions and technologies that were imported because they were not locally invented. Globalization encourages global standard. What is USTTI doing to encourage the industrial players apart from training; to invent and possibly produce these technologies locally without compromising the standards as to what obtains globally?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Our trainers take an active interest in the developing world by participating in our training. I cannot however speak to their corporate practices, such as local production of future technologies. This being said you can visit our web site to see the web sites of most of our training sponsors, this may give you an idea about their corporate practices, and their decisions regarding upcoming technologies.

sir, am keenly interested in the training programme, but am not a current worker in any of the telecommunication centers, and am not a graduate of any of the related courses for the training. would it be right if i continue with my applications?
thank you.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
While the USTTI typically encourages individuals to apply who are currently working in their country's communications industry. We also accept applications from professionals and entrepreneurs who are able to take the knowledge and skills they learn at the USTTI and apply them back in their home country. If you believe that USTTI training can benefit you and your country, please apply for the relevant courses and pay particular attention to the applicant training goals section, which is where the trainers will see how training you will benefit your country.

shola destiny, nigeria
pls sir, i have always applied for this training but have never been invited even though i have indicated to handle subsistence fee. I am an engineer working with a local telephony company deploying the CDMA 1X technology. I will really need to know why i have not been invited for the training , perhaps there things i ougth know or do that have not done Though i have read the guidline and i think i ave dully followed it to the latter. Looking forward for your quick response as am waiting to be shortlisted this 2007.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
With the large number of applicants we receive it is hard to provide everyone with a directo response on why their application may not have been accepted, although we try our best. Some of my suggestions are: making sure that you application is complete, and accurate; paying close attention to the experience and goals section of the application; and taking the time to tailor your application to the training courses for which you have applied. Please also keep in mind that curriculum coordinators are not the one making the final selections for training, this is done by our course sponsors. Also keep in mind that our training slots are limited, and in some cases 10 applicants will be competing for one training slot. Please do not be discouraged though, we advise you to continue applying.

Akinkuowo Temitope / Nigeria
I have seen several people who attended your training retuning back home better off than they were before the training.What can USTTI do to increase the number of people attending the training and also increase funding which will enable more people to attend the trainings?

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
With all of our courses being offered tuition-free a big expense is already eliminated. However, as you well know international airfare and living expenses do add up. As a result, each year USTTI strives to secure as much funding as possible from the U.S. Government, Corporations, private foundations/endowments and other International organizations so that we can offer funding assistance to as many individuals as possible. While we receive a tremendous amount of financial support, we are still well below the amount needed to fund all participants in USTTI training. We will continue to operate as efficiently as possible, while securing the maximum amount of funding available so that we can offer funding assistance to those individuals who desperately need it.

Accordingly, we hope that our scholars are doing all that they can to secure funding from their employer, international organizations, their government, etc. so that we can increase the number of participants in USTTI training. Individuals who are able to pay for part of their expenses to attend training (airfare or living expenses) are more likely to receive funding assistance from the USTTI.

Chris Lwoba - Kenya
Can the institute facilitate in obtaining the US visa to accepted pplicants? I missed to attended the fibre optics course both in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters because I could not obtain the visa. Am still interested in the same course.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Dear Chris,
We are sorry to hear that you didn't get a visa for your training on Fiber Optic. Unfortunately, we don't call nor influence any US embassies on their decision on approving visas for USTTI students. We hope this won't stop you from applying to future USTTI trainings.

Rajesh INDIA
This is regarding the course:
M7-128 or M7 329: Adopting New Information and communication technologies : Strategies for success. dates of oreintation and training has remained as TBA..when are you likely to announce the dates and likely dates for response to the applicants.
Please make this course available to participants from only managerial to people who have novelty in their ideas for adopting ICT technologies fro successful implemnation at developing countries. Many of the ICT projects working at developing and under developed countries have orginated from ordinary people who have felt the shortages.


William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Thank you for submitting your question Rajesh. The dates for these courses will be announced as soon as they are made available to us. In some cases this may be as late as right before scholars arrive for training. As you know our training is open to all those who apply and are selected to attend, this means that most of our courses usually feature scholars with a wide range of backgrounds from government to private industry, and managers to engineers.

christopher mwale
how much is the amount which falls under subsistence? since the course i applied for is due in september, i was thinking i should save for this amount while the company pays for my travel. on choosing, i set ustti to pay my subsistence, thankyou in advance.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Dear Christopher,

We are glad that you applied way in advance and that your company is willing to pay for your travel.

For you saving consideration, we suggest that you have $1,000 for each week of the training. This amount should cover your food, hotel and ground travel. You will be informed of the exact cost once you are accepted in a course which we normally send 10 weeks before the course begins. Good luck to your application!

sseruyange david/UGANDA

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
We encourage you to keep applying for training, please see the answer to the second portion of Mr. James Chona’s question. Just so you know, USTTI funds are limited, and we encourage those who apply to training to provide for at least some portion of their expenses, such a air travel. On our website you can see more regarding funding, we ask that upon acceptance to training you submit a passport if you cannot secure funding so that we can submit a formal funding request. This being said pleas keep in mind that USTTI funded is limited.

Satya Sharma, Nepal
Is there any bond for the tainees of USTTI on their own country? I have heard that US embassy will not issue any types of visas if someone got USTTI training untill two years. I am trying to study in USA for spring in 2008. What should be done to get both USTTI training and student visa.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
All individuals attending USTTI training are expected to return home and impart the knowledge and skills they learned in training to their fellow colleagues. The goal of the USTTI is to share our knowledge and experiences with individuals from around the developing world with the hope that one day affordable, modern communications will be available to all.

However, if you receive funding assistance from the USTTI and are required to travel on a J-1 visa, the U.S. Department of State will impose a mandatory two-year residency requirement. For further information on the J-1 visa, please contact the U.S. Embassy.

zheko zhekov
I would like to know what kind of course I will be approved in 2007 and when I will be informed abouit it.
Thank you ,
Yours faithful Zheko.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Dear Zheko,
We suggest that 1) you send us a complete application with your training goals and professional experience and 2) you apply for the courses that are relevant to your work and 3) you send us your application at least 3 months before the course starts. Due to numerous applications we receive, our usual ratio is 10 applicants to 1 training slot so I hope following the above-mentioned suggestions will get you accepted in a course. We normally send acceptance notice 10 by email or by fax 10 weeks before the course starts. This 10-week period will give us enough time to assist the applicant get a student visa. Good luck to your application!

Abigail Adofo, from Ghana
My question is, how is the USTTI helping Africa, and thereby developing countries catch up with the the 3G and other latest technologies?
2. I have observed that it is mostly african engineers that do not invent anything. Please how can the USTTI help the younger generation to develop in this area?
Thank you.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
As you know the USTTI was founded at the plenipotentiary conference in Nairobi, Kenya, and we have a strong alumni base in Africa and are constantly adding to it. We have several sequences which focus on 3G wireless and other technologies. QUALCOMM, one of our board members, is one of the leading providers of 3G technology solution in the U.S. , and we constantly updating our training, please visit our website www.ustti.org . The best way for young engineers to get involved is to have them apply to USTTI training. I hope that this answers your question, and that you will continue your interest in the USTTI.

John Hameja Zambia
What is the selection criteria that is used by USTTI ? This is because I applied twice last year and I was not selected and I felt that my application was adequate

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Please see the second part of the answer to Mr. James Chona’s question. Some of our course sponsors are very specific in their selection criteria. My best advice for you is to make sure that your application is complete and accurate and as I said earlier take some time and fill out the experience and goals section, tailoring it to the specific course sequence for which you apply.

Aziz (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
Hello Brian & William.
I've got one queshion. If i will not pass the requirements to attend the training will USTTI inform me ?
By fax ? E-Mail or ?

Thanks in advance

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Dear Aziz,
USTTI normally informed those who are accepted to the course by email 10 weeks before the course starts. But feel free to email us at train@ustti.org to check the status of your application. Good luck to your application!

Mai Kauvu - Papua New Guinea
Are there any specific reasons why Organisation of American States (OAS) status is restricted to Latin American and Caribbean countries? Can other developing or least developed countries like PNG not qualify or become member of OAS in terms of securing USTTI training funds, especially where parent organisations such as the PNG Radiocommunications and Telecommunication Technical Authority (PANGTEL)are unable to do so.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
We suggest reviewing the OAS Charter (http://www.oas.org/juridico/english/charter.html) or contacting OAS directly to get the answer to this question.

James Chona, Zambia
I have 3 questions;
1. I notice each year that USTTI have what I can call a suite of courses recommended in a sequence, why is it then that these courses are not bunched into one bouquet so as to make it easy for applicants to apply for a single suite as recommended by USTTI.
2. This will be my fifth consecutive year applying for a course at USTTI. In all my attempts I have been unsuccessful and I have not gotten any feedback from USTTI why my applications(s) have been unsuccessful. I think it is helpful, though am mindful of large number of applications processed, to give applicants some response as to why they are unsuccessful.

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
1. This year is no different, we have just removed the course sequencing page. If you look in the course description section you will notice that some of the courses will have a cursive title typed on the top, this title indicates the name of the sequence. For example on page 19 of the catalog above course M7-115 you will see the title “Distance Learning” this refers to the sequence and includes the courses listed after, until the next title. Next year we will be returning to the original format, and including a sequence page.
2. With the large number of applicants we receive it is hard to provide everyone with a response on their application, although we try our best. Some of my suggestions are: making sure that you application is complete, and accurate; paying close attention to the experience and goals section of the application; and taking the time to tailor your application to the training courses for which you have applied. Please also keep in mind that curriculum coordinators are not the one making the final selections for training, this is done by our course sponsors. We appreciate your continued support.

1. I obtained such a wonderful opportunity to attend the USTTI training courses
M7-102, M7-103, M7-104 and I am now processing some staffs, I communicate with my Employee and they confirm me that they will sponsor my transportation fund, but I face difficulties to obtain the Accommodation fee around $2000,could you help with this regard how can USTTI will help me to obtain this fund.

2. Besides email confirmation to attend this Traning, is there any other possible affirmation can I get from USTTI, to present it to the US Embassy, which ultimately help me to obtain the Visa.

I can get the response with this email

Best Regards,

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Dear Mehari,
We are glad that your organization will sponsor your travel in case you are accepted. We suggest that you apply early, at least 3 months before the course starts, and if you are accepted by the course sponsor, USTTI may be able to give you partial funding. As you know we need 10 weeks to process a student visa which is a requirement for those who seek partial or full scholarship.
Regarding your second question, we do provide acceptance letter to any applicant who needs it for presentation to the Embassy. We also suggest that applicants provide us with the schedule of the visa interview so we could indicate it in the letter. Unfortunately, we don't make calls nor influence embassies of their decision on approving visas.
Good luck to your application this year!

Moses Aluodo, Kenya
If one has made three unsuccessful applications, does one keep trying and dealing in hope that one he/she will be admitted to a course ? Thanks.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
The USTTI encourages you to keep on applying for the courses you are interested in and are relevant to your daily tasks. There are numerous reasons why you may have not been accepted into training, the first is that there are only a limited number of spaces available for each course and USTTI typically receives 10 applications for each available training slot. Another key reason for not being admitted into training is submitting an incomplete application - the most common part of the application that is overlooked is the applicant training goals section. Please make sure you articulate how your participation in training will help you and your fellow countrywomen and men upon your return.

Raul C. Cosare - Philippines
Dear Sirs,

Thank you for giving me a chance to make some inquiries on the curriculum of USTTI. I applied for the course Digital Television and hope I will be qualified to be accepted this school year. I applied online last December 29, 2006 right after I received the invitations from USTTI.

My question is, with the fast changing technology and the technology of HD is now here, will there be a standard of HD format that will be used? There are 11 HD formats like 1080/59.94i, 720/59.94p,1080/29.97p, 720/29.97p and others. There is ATSC, DVB and others, what do you think will be most efficient HD format of the future? Will this things be discussed curriculum? I am pretty excited about this things that is happening and hope you can help.

Thank you very much in advance.

Sincerely Yours,
Raul C. Cosare

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
We appreciate your continued interest in our training programs. As for question, about which HD format is the best, I do not know the answer to that because I am not a television engineer. This topic will be touched on during most of broadcast training courses, however; I would suggest applying for the Radio and Television Broadcast Technology Sequence May 8 – June 1, 2007. This sequence tackles a lot of the new technologies that are being introduced into the broadcast field, it also addresses the benefits and downfalls of these technologies.

Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia
CRC appreciates that online forum is going to be held on the proposed date and time. CRC does want to participate in the forum however it seems that we are unable to be online at the proposed time because of 13 hours time differences. Is it possible to send us the forum result or issues addressed in the forum to crc@mongol.net?

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
We understand that the time difference may prohibit many of you from participating live; however, that is why we open the fourm to questions early on - so you can submit any questions you may have. That being said, archives from all USTTI web forums are available on our website at http://ustti.org/forum/list.php3

Custodes Baretto, Zanzibar -Tanzania
Dear Brian & William,
I take this oppotunity to thank The USTTI for the contribution towards helping boosting the third world countries in the aspect of telecommuninations.
Nowdays in the word of telecommunication and broadcast, IT plays a very important role.
My question is why USTTI has not taken into consideration to expand courses in the IT field.

Brian McCloskey, Curriculum Director
In developing each year's curriculum, the USTTI constantly strives to expand and amend our course offerings to touch upon the most relavent topics within our core areas of training: Spectrum Management, IT, Wireless, Broadcast, Satellite, Teleheath, Emergency Communications, Regulation and Management. In addition, we are also reaching out to new and innovative companies that compliment our existing courses and/or expand our breadth of training within communications. An example of how we have expanded our IT training in 2007 is the addition of our Internet Security sequence, which will take place September 10 - 17, 2007.

Faqir Ahmad Shaikhani Afghanistan
This is second year that I applied for training, but last year I could not recieve fund for travel and other expances. I have already applied for current year courses, is there any limitation for this year funding again specially for poor countries like Afghanistan?

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
Dear Faqir,
USTTI funds are very limited so we always suggest participants to get partial funding from other resources. Another suggestion is for you to apply early because if you are approve for USTTI funding, we need at least 10 weeks to process your student visa. Good luck to your application this year!

myrtil jean shelove, haiti
i would like to know if i can find a complete free study from USTTI

William Linnoila, Curriculum Coordinator
All of our courses our tuition free, however; if you are looking for a Bachelors or Masters degree the USTTI does not offer such a program. We offer short topic specific training programs in telecommunications and ICT, please visit our website www.ustti.org for more information.

Michael R. Gardner, Chairman
As Chairman and founder of the USTTI, I want to welcome all of you to this interactive web discussion about the USTTI’s 88 course curriculum for 2007. These chats are an effective way to stay connected with our alumni, while at the same time reaching additional women and men who can benefit from the USTTI’s tuition free training.

2007 marks the USTTI’s 25th year of empowering women and men with our diverse, tuition-free communications training. Through 1,459 USTTI courses offered since 1982, the 7,284 USTTI alumni have been exposed to every element of deploying, managing and regulating modern, affordable communications systems for their countrymen in 165 nations. As in the past, USTTI’s 2007 curriculum has been designed to address the sweeping changes that have taken place in the global communications arena, featuring new and expanded training in emergency communications, telemedicine, Internet security and ICT policy.

Today, we look forward to addressing your questions about the USTTI’s program, application processes, or other relevant concerns. I hope that this chat will help you to better identify the most appropriate courses for your training needs in 2007.

I now open the discussion to your questions for Curriculum Director, Brian T. McCloskey, and Curriculum Coordinators William Linnoila and Janet Cerbo Concepcion. We look forward to seeing you in USTTI training this year.


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