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NumberCourse TitleDatesLocation
19-1005G The Path to the Next Generation March 18-19, 2019Washington, DC
19-101Digital Transformation: Unlocking the Potential of IoT March 21, 2019Washington, DC
19-103Creating an Enabling Regulatory Environment for Cloud ServicesMarch 22, 2019Washington, DC
19-104Enabling the Full Value of Wireless Connectivity: Game Changing Technology for the Digital AgeMarch 25-26, 2019Washington, DC
19-110Advanced Spectrum Management for Mobile TelecommunicationsApril 22-23, 2019Washington, DC
19-111Spectrum Management in the Civil SectorApril 24-May 3, 2019Washington, DC
19-112Introduction to Radio Spectrum Monitoring and MeasuringMay 6-10, 2019Columbia, MD
19-113Practical Applications of Spectrum Management and Spectrum MonitoringMay 13-17, 2019Fremont, CA
19-200Anti-Abuse Training: Summary of Best Practices and Additional Resources AvailableJune 17, 2019Washington, DC
19-201National Cybersecurity Policy: Balancing Risk and InnovationJune 12, 2019Washington, DC
19-202Network Disaster Recovery and IP Network/Cyber Security for Senior Policy MakersJune 11, 2019Washington, DC
19-203Introduction to the Internet Domain Name SystemJune 10, 2019Washington, DC
19-204 Introduction to Community NetworksJune 20, 2019Washington, DC
19-205Principles of Mobile PrivacyJune 21, 2019Washington, DC
19-206Children and Mobile TechnologyJune 18-19, 2019Washington, DC
19-207Communications Infrastructure Economics and RegulationJune 13-14, 2019Washington, DC
19-208CERTs and Cybersecurity CoordinationJune 13-14, 2019Washington, DC
19-209Country Code Top Level Domain Administration and OperationsJune 13-14, 2019Washington, DC
19-220Managing Effectively in the Changing Telecommunications Environment June 24-28, 2019Boulder, CO
19-230Seminar in Competition Policy for TelecommunicationsJuly 19, 2019Washington, DC
19-231Regulatory and Privatization Issues in Telecommunications July 22-26, 2019Washington, DC
19-232Subsea Cable Construction and MaintenanceJuly 29, 2019Washington, DC
19-233Creating an Enabling Regulatory Environment for Cloud ServicesJuly 30, 2019Washington, DC
19-234Internet of ThingsJuly 31-August 1, 2019Washington, DC
19-240The Role of Satellite Communications in the 5G EcosystemAugust 8, 2019Washington , DC
19-241Seminar in Radio Spectrum MonitoringAugust 9, 2019Columbia, MD
19-2425G and a Connected WorldAugust 12-16, 2019San Diego, CA
19-243Enabling the Full Value of Wireless Connectivity: Game Changing Technology for the Digital AgeAugust 19-21, 2019San Jose, CA
19-2445G and Wi-Fi: Facilitating Mobile Broadband Deployments, enabling connected societies, and bridging the digital divide TBASan Jose, CA
19-300The Role of Satellite Communications in the 5G EcosystemSeptember 9, 2019Washington, DC
19-301Satellite Communications PrimerSeptember 11-13, 2019Ellenwood, GA
19-302Introduction to Non-geostationary Satellite Constellations TBAWashington, DC
19-310Evolving Trends in Spectrum ManagementSeptember 16, 2019Washington, DC
19-311Radio Frequency Spectrum ManagementSeptember 17-27, 2019Washington, DC
19-312Spectrum Management & Monitoring in the 5G WorldSeptember 24-26, 2019Helsinki, Finland
19-320Anti-Abuse Training: Summary of Best Practices and Additional Resources AvailableSeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-321National Cybersecurity Policy: Balancing Risk and InnovationSeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-322Introduction to the Internet Domain Name SystemSeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-323Communications Infrastructure Economics and RegulationSeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-324CERTs and Cybersecurity CoordinationSeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-325Country Code Top Level Domain Administration and OperationsSeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-326Introduction to Community Networks September 2019Washington, DC
19-327Principles of Mobile PrivacySeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-328Children and Mobile TechnologySeptember 2019Washington, DC
19-330Radio Spectrum Monitoring Techniques and Procedures September 30-October 4, 2019Columbia, MD
19-331Laboratory Techniques in Support of Equipment Authorization ProgramsOctober 7-11, 2019Columbia, MD
19-340Telemedicine and Distance Learning SynopsisOctober 14-16, 2019Charlottesville, VA
19-341Telemedicine ReviewOctober 17-18, 2019Washington, DC
19-350Satellite Services and Disaster Response October 21, 2019Washington, DC
19-351Disaster Preparedness and ResponseOctober 22, 2019Washington, DC
19-352Disaster Communications PlanningOctober 23-24, 2019Washington, DC
19-353Disaster Communications Management October 28-November 1, 2019Washington, DC
19-360The Rule of Law and Best Practices in Telecommunication RegulationNovember 2019Washington, DC
19-361Regulatory PrinciplesNovember 2019Washington, DC
19-362Competition Policy in the Digital AgeNovember 2019Washington, DC
19-363Purpose and Impact of European Regulation of CommunicationsNovember 2019Washington, DC


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