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5G and Wi-Fi: Facilitating Mobile Broadband Deployments, enabling connected societies, and bridging the digital divide

Course Description
Find out all the latest information on 5G and Wi-Fi and ways to facilitate mobile broadband deployment and enable the connected society vision through integrating communities, taking an important step in bridging the digital divide.

This course, taught by representatives from the world's largest chip maker and a leading manufacturer of computer, networking, Internet of things (IoT), and communications products, will provide information on the communication technologies and policies driving next generation connectivity for billions worldwide. This course presents an overview of 5G, its various usage scenarios, diverse applications, and the latest standards and technologies underpinning both licensed and unlicensed components of the future's mobile communication networks. The course will also address what spectrum allocation, allotment, and assignment policies are best suited to fostering the efficient adoption and deployment of next generation mobile technologies including 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and WiGig. Additionally, the course will provide an introduction to best practices in promoting mobile broadband deployment as well as equipment homologation. Finally, the course will provide an update on relevant ITU activities.

Learning Objectives
• Overview of next generation wireless broadband devices, applications and technologies
• Insight into establishing an innovative regulatory framework for enabling flexible, low cost, interoperable next generation mobile broadband and IoT deployment in developing countries that fosters economic growth by enabling new applications and use cases
• Introduction to global practices to promote broadband deployment in underserved areas
• Update on relevant ITU activities

Government regulators and policymakers


Course Vitals

Intel Corporation

San Jose, CA

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Mobile Broadband Sequence




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