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CERTs and Cybersecurity Coordination

Course Description
This half-day seminar will cover the formation of Computer Emergency Response Teams and the development of national policy on cybersecurity, cybercrime, and cyberwarfare coordination and defense. The course will emphasize cost-effective measures to promote the development of a culture of security within the context of a developing economy. We will discuss the respective roles and responsibilities of Internet users, Internet service providers, law enforcement, and defense ministries, and the modes of communication and coordination that allow for effective countermeasures and remediation of Internet threats.

The seminar will be led by Bill Woodcock, Executive Director of Packet Clearing House, a non-profit research institute dedicated to understanding and supporting Internet traffic exchange technology, policy, and economics. Bill has operated national and international Internet service provision and content delivery networks since 1989, was one of the co-developers of Anycast, a technology now considered best-practice in DNS service-provision, and has built most of the global Domain Name System service provision networks currently in operation.

Government regulators, technical, managerial, and business professionals


Course Vitals

Packet Clearing House

Washington, DC

Training Dates
June 13-14, 2019

Suggested Course Sequence
Cybersecurity and ICT Policy Sequence 1




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