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Digital Transformation: Unlocking the Potential of IoT

Course Description
This course will examine the role of IoT and M2M technologies in accelerating digital transformation, and improving how businesses, governments, and consumers operate, along with regulatory frameworks that facilitate the deployment of these technologies. IoT solutions use M2M technology to connect machines to provide the visibility businesses and governments need to help improve management and delivery of services, among other things. Organizations that have already started using IoT solutions are seeing benefits in many areas. For example, with smart communities solutions, all parts of the city can be connected, so that government officials become aware of what?s going on and where, which helps them make communities safer and more energy efficient. IoT and M2M technologies also enable the coordination and control of emergency response, resource management, fleet management, energy usage, traffic management, and much more.

Learning Objectives
1. Learn about the important role IoT is playing in accelerating digital transformation and the wide-range of technologies that are driving IoT deployment
2. Explore innovative IoT services in a technology-center setting
3. Discuss policies that foster the accelerated deployment of IoT services and the benefits of appropriate regulatory simplification

Government regulators and officials


Course Vitals


Washington, DC

Training Dates
March 21, 2019

Suggested Course Sequence
5G and Emerging Technologies




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