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Mobile Broadband: Empowering People, Business and Society

Course Description
Discover how you can lead your country in becoming part of the transformation to a fully connected world.
This course is taught by Ericcson, a world leader in communications technology and services. This company's portfolio comprises mobile and fixed network infrastructure, telecom services, software, broadband and multimedia solutions for operators, enterprises and the media industry. Ericsson also provides support for networks with over 2 billion subscribers. The company consists of more than 111,000 experts who provide customers in 180 countries with innovative solutions and services. Together with their customers, Ericsson is building a more connected future where anyone and any industry is empowered to reach their full potential.
This course will cover 5G, the Internet of Things, standards based Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA). This course will also show you how innovating technology for good makes life better, whether through connecting people in new ways, building technologies for industries in transformation or creating a more inclusive society.
The course will consist of several modules that integrate classroom discussion, case study, and practical applications.

Learning Objectives
• Overview of technology and network evolution: HSPA, LTE and 5G radio access
• Overview of hot topics affecting today's networks:
o Cybersecurity Policy
o Net Neutrality
• Brief overview of global broadband deployments and spectrum status
• Examples of how regulations can help to increase the affordability for consumers and the coverage & capacity of the networks
• Understanding of how technical, regulatory and government professionals who are prepared to become innovative policy makers and leaders.



Course Vitals


San Jose, CA

Training Dates
August 13-15, 2018

Suggested Course Sequence
Mobile Broadband




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