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Fostering the Deployment of Broadband Networks and Converged Services

Course Description
This course will provide participants an opportunity to learn about policies and regulations that foster the deployment of broadband networks and converged services. There is a need for policy-makers and regulators at all levels to nurture policies and regulatory environments that enable competition and encourage investment so that ubiquitous, affordable access to information and communications technologies is achieved. Differentiated services previously offered on dedicated platforms from multiple providers can now technically come together and be offered by a single firm on a single platform. This paradigm shift in communications will require policy makers and regulators to re-evaluate existing norms and conventions with respect to fostering broadband deployment. Adaptation to convergence can only take place if appropriate policy and regulatory tools are in place. Policy makers therefore need to pay attention to the requirements of convergence.

This course will also address the importance of availability of commercial spectrum and the deployment of advanced wireless technologies (such as 4G LTE) can play on accelerating the accessibility of converged services. In addition, technologies such as cloud computing and the role they play in converged services will be discussed. Adapting to convergence is a condition for full and effective participation in the global economy and information society. Therefore, policies that foster the availability of converged services are key to ensuring that developing countries take full advantage of the benefits broadband networks and converged services can provide to their citizens in the digital economy.

The course will consist of several modules that will closely examine the following topics:

• Scope of authority of regulatory agency
• Policies and regulations that foster convergence
• Service licensing in a converged environment
• Importance of wireless and cloud computing technologies in convergence
• Fostering competition and investment in broadband networks
• Public interest issues

Learning Objectives

Government regulators and policymakers; technical, managerial, and business professionals.


Course Vitals


Washington, DC

Training Dates
July 31, 2018

Suggested Course Sequence
Telecom/IT Policy and Regulation




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