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Subsea Cable Construction and Maintenance

Course Description
Among the important factors for making broadband more available and affordable to a country, is the access to subsea cable capacity. In recent years, there has been a surge in construction of new cable systems that land in additional countries, bringing improved access to high capacity transmission. With the optimal policies in place to promote investment and competition, the new cable systems can substantially decrease the cost and increase the availability of capacity. This has been beneficial for the country where capacity lands, and for neighboring countries with competitive access to that capacity.

This course will offer an experienced overview of the most important commercial, technical and policy elements that an operator or policy-maker should take into account when evaluating a new cable system. The course will be hosted by AT&T, and taught by individuals with extensive experience working on the development of such systems.

Specific subjects will include:

- Initial Legal Concepts and Regulatory Policies to promote Subsea Cable Investment and Use
- Feasibility of New System: Market Assessment and Commercial Model Options
- Definition / Design of New System: Topology and Design Best Practices
- Financing New System Models
- Deployment of New System : Role of Subsea Cable Ship
- Life-Cycle Upgrade & Maintenance

Learning Objectives

Senior Policy Makers and Regulators


Course Vitals


Washington, DC

Training Dates
July 30, 2018

Suggested Course Sequence
Telecom/IT Policy and Regulation




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