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Managing Effectively in the Changing Telecommunications Environment

Course Description
Regulators, executives, and managers responsible for general management in developing international organizations will find this program appropriate in building their management skills and increasing their knowledge. Through classroom discussion and activities, the program will focus on: (1) effective management techniques; (2) the telecommunications climate; and (3) efficient operational decisions. This intensive one week program will provide discussion about and provide insights into the nature of ongoing technological changes and regulatory reforms, specifically, how they impact the overall business climate. The course is appropriate for regulators and managerial level telecommunications staff. It is not appropriate for telecommunications staff without management responsibilities.

This course will feature guest lectures by University of Colorado Professors and top executives with in-depth knowledge and understanding of management techniques, economics, marketing, privacy regulations, data security, telecommunications regulation, and operational decision-making. The course•s lead instructor, Dale Hatfield, will also be present each day to provide additional insight, and to tie together the other lectures. Hatfield is currently an independent consultant and Adjunct Professor in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to joining the University, Hatfield was the Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He has also held positions as the Chief Technologist of the FCC and Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Hatfield also has extensive international experience, and has consulted on issues of telecommunication policy and regulation in many developing countries.

Learning Objectives
• Review telecommunications environment
• Expand planning and financial background
• Explore cultural differences
• Examine management of change
• Experience effective team building and group problem solving
• Investigate steps of project management
• Discuss effective managerial concepts

Managerial, Regulatory


Course Vitals

ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

Training Dates
June 25-29, 2018

Suggested Course Sequence




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