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"Hands-On" Introduction to Protecting Networks from Cyber Attacks

Course Description
The course is designed to provide participants a "hands-on" introduction to the technologies and processes used for identifying and protecting networks from cyber attacks.

The course will be given in the Security Operations Center of the ITP Security program in the engineering school of the University of Colorado Boulder. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with some of the best tools available for identifying cyber threats occurring over Internet Protocol networks used by governments and enterprises. Participants will be introduced to the tools, learn best practices of how they can be used, and what can be done once a network has been determined to be compromised.

Learning Objectives
Obtain an introduction to best practices for providing network security to government agencies or enterprises.
- Understand how to detect cyber threats using Intusion Detection Systems such as SNORT and Suricata.
- Learn techniques for large scale network analysis using NetFlow.
- Learn basic approaches to mitigate, repair, and return compromised networks to normal operations.
- Practice forensics for IoT and enterprise devices using open source tools



Course Vitals

The Interdisciplinary Telecom Program and the University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

Training Dates
June 25-29, 2018

Suggested Course Sequence




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