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Practical Applications of Spectrum Management and Spectrum Monitoring

Course Description
Course participants will receive training at TCI International, Inc. (an SPX Company) corporate headquarters in Fremont, CA. The course focuses on the practical application of ITU-compliant spectrum management and monitoring techniques, including license application processing, frequency assignment, propagation analysis tools, radio direction finding and signal measurements for fixed, mobile and transportable applications. The course employs classroom and hands-on activities to provide students with a practical overview of spectrum management and monitoring techniques and their interaction. Classroom time is used to instruct in license application processing, principles of propagation analysis, operational principles of a monitoring station, principles of signal measurements and radio direction finding, signal identification and recording. Special attention is given to automatic violations detection, where measurements from the monitoring system are combined with the management license database information to automatically detect licensing violations. The course emphasizes the benefits that derive from an integrated and automated management and monitoring system. The participants will also have the opportunity for hands-on training of spectrum monitoring and signal measurement techniques. Time spent with radio monitoring hardware will include an introduction to signal measurement and direction finding equipment. The hands-on portion of the course will demonstrate real time application of the principles taught in the classroom and include mission planning, operational set-up, running missions, and data analysis.

Learning Objectives
To learn practical implementation of spectrum management, spectrum monitoring, radio direction finding, and signal measurement techniques as they relate to the international standards of the ITU. This includes: (1) license application processing: (2) propagation analysis tools; (3) radio direction finding; (4) signal monitoring, identification, and correlation to the frequency management database; (5) spectrum occupancy observations and analysis as part of the frequency management function; and (6) transmitter measurements as required to ensure compliance to the radio regulations.

Managerial and high level technical, with emphasis on hands-on demonstrations.


Course Vitals

TCI International, Inc. (an SPX Company)

Freemont, CA

Training Dates
May 7-11, 2018

Suggested Course Sequence
Spectrum Management




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